Checkpoint: Historical Laws and Security Essay

• Write a brief description in your own words of the following laws, including where and when each law originated: o The Code of Hammurabi- originated between 2000-1700 b. c. – Basically these laws were created to make it so no one was better than anyone else and so that everyone was equal, there way an eye for an eye punishment for all who broke the rules o Draco’s law- originated late 7th Century (ca 621 BCE)- this set of laws where extremely harsh.

It is said that these laws sentenced the wrongdoer to death, even though the crime wasn’t nearly as bad as someone else who also got the same punishment because he could think of nothing worse than death. o Law of the Twelve Tables – originated in 448 b. c. – the set of laws is the beginning of the roman law. This began to set honest ground rules such as inheritance and other laws that make the world we live in today. o Magna Carta-established in 1215-this was a document that King John of England was forced to sign.

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Checkpoint: Historical Laws and Security Essay
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This document greatly reduced the kings powers by making decisions in parliament instead of just what the king wanted. This became the basis for England’s citizens rights. o Statute of Westminster-established in 1931- this document gave significant equality to a number of dominions within the British Empire. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa could now be considered sovereign nations with full control of both domestic and foreign affairs, but with an allegiance to the British Crown. • Answer the following questions: How have these laws led to the historical development of security forces, both private and public? In the beginning, all of the new laws lead to harsher punishments based on what one particular person’s thoughts. Those powers where then stripped away and made into a set of laws protecting the rights of the people. This let each person as well as each nation become protected and somewhat free to do what they want and to share the knowledge that every “crime” has it’s punishment. With these documents, the world of private and public security was formed. oWhy do you think the need for both private and public security still exists?

The reason that I believe that private and public security still exists, and are really needed now more than ever, is that officers of the law can’t be everywhere at once. This gives the public the right to have themselves and or their residence, place of business, etc be protected and easily accessible to law enforcement without the constant need for law enforcement. This also gives officers the upper hand if they do have to come onto a crime scene by having someone there who witnessed a situation and who can get them on track faster if the criminal somehow managed to get away.


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