Checkpoint: Project Management in Everyday Life Essay

#1. Identify the problem – We have to get from one place to another but have no reliable means of transportation. #2. Analyze and understand the problem – The problem is not having a reliable vehicle to get from one place to another. This means if a place is too far to walk or ride a bike then we can’t make it there. There are several places that we need to make it to that are most likely not in walking or riding distance. Our job, a grocery store, a department store, and the list go’s on and on for places you may need to visit during your daily schedule. 3. Identify solution requirements and expectations – The first part of our solution is we would need to have the money for the vehicle or a loan set up. We would then need to go find a vehicle in our price range. This would mean either looking at a dealership or through various ads such as the classifieds. When we found a vehicle we would need to go look at it and inspect it. This may require lining up a ride to where the vehicle is. If everything is satisfactory with the vehicle and we have paid for it then we would need to get it registered and insured.

Now as long as we have a valid driver’s license we are good to go. #4. Identify alternative solutions and choose the best course of action – One alternative would be to take the bus rather than buying a car. This would be very inconvenient because you would have to have the money to ride every time or buy a pass and there are certain times when buses stop running. This is also inconvenient time wise because you would have to ride out of your way to get to where you need to be. #5. Design the chosen solution – #6. Implement the chosen solution – #7. Evaluate the results –

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Checkpoint: Project Management in Everyday Life Essay
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