Chemistry ch 8

The ionic compound has a high melting point
What is a typical characteristic of an ionic compound
The arrangement of bonded atoms
What is shown by the structural formula of a molecule or poly atomic ion
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Chemistry ch 8
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Which of these elements does not exist as a diatomic molecule: ne, f, h, I
Two atoms share two electrons
How do atoms achieve noble gas electron configuration in single covalent bonds
To attain a noble gas electron configuration
Why do atoms share electrons in covalent bonds
Hydrogen and the halogens only
What element can form diatomic molecules joined by a single covalent bond
Unshared pairs
What is the name given to the pairs of valence electrons that do not participate in bonding in diatomic oxygen molecules
What diatomic molecule is joined by a double covalent bond
A molecule with a single covalent bond is
Coordinate covalent bond
When one atom contributes both bonding electrons in a single covalent bond, the bond is called a
In what compound is the octet expanded to include 12 electrons
How many electrons can occupy a single molecular orbital
Pairs of valence electrons
According to VESPR theory, molecules adjust their shapes to keep which of the following as far apart as possible
The shape of the Methane molecule is called (CH4)
Repulsive forces between unshared pairs of electrons
What causes water molecules to have a bent shape according to the VESPR theory
Experimental evidence suggests that the
H-C-H bond angles in ethane are
What is the shape of a molecule with a triple bond
What atom requires the most negative charge in a covalent bond with hydrogen
Polar covalent
A bond formed between a silicon atom and an oxygen atom is likely to be
Geometric center of the molecule
When placed between oppositely charged metal plates, the region of a water molecule attracted to the negative plate is the
Motion of electrons
What is the thought to cause the dispersion forces
Attraction between polar molecules
What causes dipole interactions
Van der waals forces
What are the weakest attractions between molecules
Bonding of a covalently bonded hydrogen atom with an unshared electron pair
What causes hydrogen bonding
Hydrogen sulfide nucleus is electron deficient when it bonds with an electronegative atom
Why is hydrogen bonding only possible with hydrogen
Network solid
What type of solid has the highest melting point
Breaking covalent bonds
What is required in order to melt a network solid
How many valence electrons does an iodine atom have
What is the total number of covalent bonds normally associated with a single carbon atom is a compound
How many electrons are shared in a single covalent bond
How many electrons does a nitrogen atom need to gain in order to attain a noble gas electron configuration
How many unshared pair of electrons does the nitrogen atom in ammonia possess
How many electrons does carbon need to gain in order to obtain a noble gas electron configuration
How many electrons are shared in a double covalent bond
Structural formula
A depiction of the arrangement of atoms in molecules and poly atomic ions
Single covalent bond
A covalent bond in which only one pair of electrons is shared
Double covalent bond
A covalent bond in which two pairs of electrons are shared
Coordinate covalent bond
A covalent bond where the shared electron pair comes from only one of the atoms
Polar bond
A covalent bond between the atoms of significantly different electronegative ties
What is the weakest force of molecular attraction
Bond dissociation eneregy
Energy needed to break a single bond between two covalently bonded atoms
Sigma bond
Symmetrical bond along the x axis between the two nuclei
Bonding orbital
Molecular orbital that can be occupied by two electrons of a covalent bond
VESPR theory
Shapes adjust so electron pairs are as far apart as possible
Dipole interaction
Attraction between polar molecules
Crystal in which all the atoms are covalently bonded to each other

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