Chemistry Covalent Bonding 8.2

a covalent bond in which the shared electron pair comes from only one of the atoms.
Coordinate covalent bonding
a depiction of the arrangement of atoms in molecules and polyatomic ions
Structural formula
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Chemistry Covalent Bonding 8.2
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a covalent bond in which only one pair of electrons is shared
Single covalent bond
a covalent bond in which two pairs of electrons are shared
Double covalent bond
energy needed to break a single bond between two covalently bonded atoms
Bond Dissociation Energy
molecular orbital that can be occupied by two electrons of a covalent bond
Bonding orbital
The chemical formula of an ionic compound shows________
how many atoms of each element a molecule contains.
A bond formed between a silicon atom and an oxygen atom is likely to be_______.
coordinate covalent
True or False? All diatomic molecules contain double bonds.
How many covalent bonds are in a nitrogen molecule?
3 covalent bonds
True or False? In a structural formula a shared pair of electrons is represented by two dashes.
What usually happens to the electron configuration of an atom when it forms a covalent bond?
it shares electrons so that atoms attain the electron configurations of noble-gases.
True or False? Molecules with high Bond Dissociation Energies are relatively unreactive.
Why does the NO2 molecule not follow the octet rule?
it has an odd number of valence electrons
How many unshared pairs of electrons does the nitrogen atom in ammonia possess?
How many electrons does carbon need to gain in order to obtain a noble-gas electron configuration?
How many covalent bonds are in a covalently bonded molecule containing 1 phosphorus atom and 3 chlorine atoms?
A large bond dissociation energy corresponds
to a strong covalent bond.
a pair of valence electrons that is not shared between atoms
Unshared (unbinding) pairs
a covalent bond in which three pairs of electrons are shared by two atoms
Triple bonds
a tightly bound group of atoms that behaves as a unit and has a positive or negative charge
Polyatomic ion
one of the two or more equally valid electron dot structures of a molecule or polyatomic ion.
Resonance Structures
The combined atoms usually acquire_____________________ by sharing electrons, so that the octet rule applies.
a total of 8 electrons, or an octet,

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