Chemistry-Covalent Bonds

a covalent bond in which the shared electron pair comes form only one of the atoms
coordinate covalent bond
a covalent bond in which two pairs of electrons are shared
Double Covalent bond
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Chemistry-Covalent Bonds
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A depiction of the arrangement of atoms in molecules and polyatomic ions
Structural formula
A covalent bond in which only one pair of electrons is shared
Single covalent bond
A covalent bond between two atoms of significantly different electronegativities
Polar bond
A type of bond that is very important in determining the properties of water and of important biological molecules such as proteins and DNA
Hydrogen bond
Provides information with the number and kind of atoms present in a molecule
Molecular Formula
Show the arrangement of bonded atoms
Structural formula of a molecule or polyatomic ion
To attain a noble gas electron configuration
Atoms share electrons in covalent bonds
What can form diatomic molecules held together by triple covalent bonds?
Which molecule has a single covalent bond?
Which of the following compounds is the octet expanded to include 12 electrons
The shape of the methane molecule is
What causes water molecules to ahve a bent shape according to VSEPR theory?
Repulsive forces between unshared pairs of electrons
A bond formed between a silicon atom and an oxygen atom is likely to be
Coordinate covalent
Which of the following covalent bonds is the most polar?
What is thought to cause the dispersion forces?
Motion of electrons
Which force of molecular attraction is the weakest?
What causes dipole interaction?
Attraction between polar molecules
What causes hydrogen bonding
Bonding of a covalently bonded hydrogen atom with an unshared electron pair
Sulfur Hexaflouride is an example of a
Binary compound
Molecular compounds are usually
Composed of two or more nonmetallic elements
What is the ending for the names of all binary compounds, both ionic and molecular?
Which of the following formulas represents a molecular compound?
When dissolved in water, acids produce
Hydrogen ions
What is the name of H2SO4?
Sulfurous acid
When an anion that is part of an acid ends in -ite, the acid includes the suffix
What is the formula for hydrosulfuric acid?

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