Chemistry: Metals

A class of elements characterized by physical properties that include shininess, malleability, ductility, and conductivity.
A term used to describe material that can be pounded into shapes.
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Chemistry: Metals
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A term used to describe a material that can be pulled out into a long wire.
The ability of an object to transfer heat or electricity to another object.
The ease and speed with which an element combines, or reacts, with other elements and compounds.
The gradual wearing away of a metal element due to a chemical reaction.
Shininess, malleability, ductility, and conductivity.
What are the 4 main physical properties of metals?
All of the elements in blue-tinted squares to the left of the zigzag line.
On the periodic table where are the metals?
Give one element that is malleable and ductile?
iron, cobalt, and nickel
Give three examples of metals that can be made into magnets?
Most metals are solids at room temperature, which metals is not?
Decrease as you move from left to right
As you move further down the periodic table, the reactivity of metals tend to what?
An element in Group 1 of the periodic table
alkali metals
-1 electron
How do Alkali metals react with other elements?
They are found as compounds because they are very reactive.
How are alkali metals & Alkaline earth metals found in nature? Why are they found like that?
sodium, lithium, and potassium
Three most important alkali metals?
An element in Group 2 of the periodic table.
alkaline earth metals
-2 electrons
How do Alkaline earth metals react?
alkaline earth metals & transition metals
What type of metals are good conductors?
G1 > G2
Reactive: G1 metals > or < G2 metals
magnesium and calcium
Two most common alkaline earth metals?
One of the elements in Groups 3 through 12 of the periodic table.
transition metals
Below the main part of the periodic table there are two rows, the first row are lanthanides.
Where are lanthanides placed on the periodic table?
Lanthanides are soft, malleable, shiny metals with high conductivity
Describe lanthanides.
They are mixed with more common metals to make alloys.
What are lanthanides made of?
a mixture of a metal with at least one other element, usually another metal
What is an alloy?
actinium, thorium, protactinium, and uranium. All other actinides were created in laboratories.
Which actinides are made naturally on earth?
What is used to produce energy in nuclear power plants?
synthetic elements because they are not found naturally on Earth.
Elements with atomic numbers higher than 92 are sometimes described as ______ ?
A machine that moves atomic nuclei at higher and higher speeds until they crash into one another, sometimes forming heavier elements.
particle accelerator
Most metals are good conductors. In addition, a few metals are magnetic
Quick fact 1
lanthanides are difficult to separate from one another because they all share very similar properties.
Quick fact 2

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