Cherub bio Essay

Biography of the band Cherub There is this new band from Nashville, Tennessee by the name of “Cherub” that is said to be the dance love child of 80’s funk. The band itself likes to think of their music as an example of future pop, which brings to mind artists like Prince, Zapp and Roger and a little bit of Justin Timberlake. The members of the band include Jordan Kelly and Jason Huber, who have both personally received recognition as producers and live musicians. Together this duo strives to create music that incorporates a little bit of sex, drugs and a whole lot of love with people worldwide.

Cherub definitely has the potential to make a difference in the history of rock n roll. Their unique style and sound opens the door for many to follow. The live shows they put on resemble the excitement of a real rock show. They also strive to create shows that blow the roof off the building and are bouncing with energy. With all the crazy sounds, and vibes blended in and out during their songs, many can’t help but think the band might have some sort of effect on future rock music.

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Cherub bio Essay
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Technology is developing at a rapid rate and music will surely be effected by it. Cherub uses mix oxes and a lot of key boards in their music, which creates an electronic, futuristic, rock, pop feel, unfamiliar to many. The music is very upbeat and holds a lot of build up, that totally captures the crowds interest early on. When many people think of rock, they think of sex, drugs and good music/vibes all around. Cherub creates music that represents exactly that .

The genre Cherub would be associated with would mostly likely include, futuristic electronic, pop, rock. Most of their music starts with a steady, futuristic, electronic feel, followed by a high voice from Kelly that is surrounded with upbeat blends lectric guitar and groovy keyboard effects from Huber. As you listen you feel like you are on a futurist Journey through space, with alien voices and sounds running in and out your ear. The music makes it very hard to keep from dancing and simply enjoying life.

The personality of the band even exceeds the music they create. Cherub represents a character that is strictly determined to please the audience. Their character is wild and hyper as they Jump around stage, feeling the music. They seem to hold a lot of confidences as well, during interviews and live shows, always cracking okes and trying to get a few laughs from their audience. They don’t seem to be cocky individuals, rather they seem to be open to learn from anyone, as they continue to strive for success.

The band Cherub creates futuristic, electronic pop, rock, music that creates a vibe over the crowd that is uncontrollable. When attending a show, worries and stress are completely vanished as you suck in the futuristic music and forget about all other worries of the universe. The band’s first record, “Man of the hour” receive a large amount of positive feed back worldwide. The band is relatively new and are already aking a big name for themselves. With the amount of hype and recognition they superstar rock band on our hands.

The band’s versatility in song writing and incorporated dance music themes creates limited genre barriers. With the band utilization of old drum machines, washed out keyboards and crazy electronic guitar sounds, and amazing feel for songwriting, audiences find themselves singing along and begging for more. Once you hear Cherub perform live, you will not be able to get them out of your head. The music they create is very catch and upbeat, creating a very strong interest from the audience.


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