Child Labor 1800's Essay

During the eighteenth century child labor was on the rise as an international epidemic. The change from agricultural life to urban life due to the industrial revolution assuaged the problem. The child life went from working all day on farms at a house to working all day at a factory with machines and abusive bosses. This led to catrophic consequences that forced the government to regulate it. The government was forced due to different people’s action and stories. There were poems alerting the public of the abuse.

For example the excerpt “the golf links lie near the mill That almost every day The laboring children can look And see the men at play was written by Sarah Cleghorn informing of how the men are playing while children are working which was the reverse before. When children testified of how the experience was they talked about how they had 16 hour work days and were excessively. This was distributing too many people. Even doctors were complaining how the excessive labor led to a crippled work force. The United States government took big steps to regulate child labor.

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Child Labor 1800's Essay
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The state government started to limit the hours of working in the mill to 10 hours per day. The new deal Wages and hours Act also was a great victory against child labor. The act limited the number of children working after school. The act also banned children from having hazardous occupations. The government attacked farming child labor. The government made it illegal for children to work on farms during school hours. Child Labor was a growing concern back then. The child labor was harsh for all children. Due the actions of some people the government paid a key role in reforming it. That is why today we have many restricts on child labor.


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