Childhood Obesity Paper Essay

Magen Fullwood Instructor Leishman English 1123-5513 6 May 2010 The Use of Medication to Treat Childhood Obesity Experts agree that none of the medications currently being used in the war against childhood obesity miracle cures for the nation’s nine million obese children. However, research generated during the development of these drugs has helped to identify the underlying factors contributing to the continual obesity rates in American children.

A reduction in physical education programs in schools, the growing number toward vending machines in public places, and the growth in fast-food restaurants have all contributed to the national curse. Conclusive evidence now exists for the need for the development of a comprehensive test for the treatment of this problem. Addressing this problem will call for more than just a doctor and his prescription pad. Parents, teachers, policy makers, and children’s advocates must mobilize and form action plans against this threat to our children. James) Children should become more involved with activity’s outside rather than playing video games or watching TV inside all day. In my opinion, young children that are sheltered by their parents are the main ones that suffer from obesity problems, because they are not allowed to participate in many activity’s that might help them acquire the exercise that they need. When a child or an adult for that matter become obese it can cause many problems to their health and outlook on life.

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Kaiser said, “Obesity puts children at risk for a number of medical complications, including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and orthopedic problems. ” These are terrible complications for anybody to suffer from, but it would be very unfortunate for younger children, because they have the rest of their lives to live and to live with one of these complications would be terrible. Even though modest weight loss has been documented with the use of medication, the use of drugs for obesity is not without risk of serious side effects.

Consumer groups have claimed some drugs have been responsible for the deaths of up to nineteen people; these groups have filed petitions to ban the use of medications. Elevated blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal discomfort are some of the many side effects of the use of these medications. Despite the alarming possibility of serious side effects, some studies also emphasize that close monitoring can reduce many of these risks. Bott) I think that medications for controlling young children’s weight is the beigest negative about the whole situation. Children do not need to become dependent on medication and think that every time they have a problem they can turn to medication, because more problems can stem from taking too much medication or their body’s could not except it and they could have serious problems like the ones mentioned earlier by Bott. In conclusion, I defiantly disagree with using medications to treat childhood obesity.

Children should not learn to become dependent on medication at such an early age in life. Not only can they become dependent on medication for the rest of their lives, but the medicine can cause many problems if their body does not react correctly to it. The children could suffer from many problems resulting from the medication such as elevated blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal discomfort. Children should get outside more and get involved with sports teams or any activities that can give them exercise and benefit their health.

America needs to take childhood obesity more serious and take action to help cure this problem, because no child wants or needs to suffer from obesity. Works Cited Bott, John Entwhist and Jane. The Growing Epidemic of Obesity. London: Liverwright, 2010. James. Surviving the Threat to Our Health. Chicago: Penguin, 2010. Kaiser, Henry J. “The Role of the Media in Childhood Obesity. ” 4 May 2010. The Kaiser Foundation. 12 December 2007 <http://www. kaiserstudies. edu>.


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