Children rights to education in prison Essay

A prison or a jail is facility in which convicted people are placed in. First of all we have to understand the aim of putting people in prison. People are sent to prison due to any of their actions in which they break the laws, in the purpose of Judgment and punishment for the actions. Prisoners are deprived from a variety of freedoms Inside the prison However our topic is about children ;n prisons and their rights. Should they be treated as adults or should they have special rights ? As a result of their melodramas to society and laws kids are also Judged and sent to prison.

Our question Is about their rights specially their rights to learn Inside the prison_ some of us are with the right to education for children In prison for many reasons. First of all a child cannot be considered as a responsible Individual for his own mistakes so In the end their judgment should be mercer. However lets go back to the concept of luster which Is our Infinite hope for a better, safe and secure society. Concerning this point how would you expect a better society with non educated children. And how would a child be able to continue and fit In this society It he goes out tot prison thou any education ! Or a first thought you might say that he Is goanna be an intruder and he will break the laws again. In this case justice has played the role tot punishment tort a elite time even it the prisoner has spent a childhood in prison. Whereas Justice has tailed to rehabilitate an irresponsible child. Another point tot view which talks about depriving children trot these rights talks about the failure tot a fair judgment. People who are against these rights claim that children who were put in prison, were put their for a convenient reason.

That convenient reason was enough to take away there freedom, in yucky opinion should such children have or deserve this right to education. In addition to that they also claim that schools are to educate not only science but also morals. A child who broke the laws definitely haven’t understood any of these morals so why should we teach him a lesson he couldn’t understand in the first place, and why should governments pay for such children who didn’t know the value of what they had. Therefore the reason that’s was enough to take away their freedom Is more than enough to take away their other human rights.

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Children rights to education in prison Essay
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