Child's rights to education Essay

Begin with the section of the UN charter on Children’s Rights which you will cover – Explain the meaning of that section – what? Explain the reasons it was included in the charter -why? Declaration of the Rights of the Child – Plain Language Version All children have the right to what follows, no matter what their race, color sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, or where they were born or who they were born to.

Children have the special right to grow up and to develop physically and spiritually In healthy and normal way, free and with dignity. Children have a right to a name and to be a member of a country. Children have a right to special care and protection and to good food, housing and medical services. Children have the right to special care if handicapped in any way.

Children have the right to love and understanding, preferably from parents and family, but from the government where these cannot help. Children have the right to go to school for free, to play, and to have an equal chance to develop yourself and to learn to be responsible and useful. Children’s parents eve special responsibilities for your education and guidance. Children have the right always to be among the first to get help.

Pacific and 1 in 10 in Latin America Roughly 90 per cent of children involved in domestic labor are girls In your report, you will: Obtain a copy of the Charter on Child Rights Choose one of the Rights of the Child criteria (such as ‘special protection’) that you feel passionate about, explain it Research I(minimum)-3 (maximum) articles on a Child Right’s abuse (controversy) that links with the Charter criteria Provide detailed information on the topic, such as: What is the abuse of rights? Where is it taking place? Why, how? Etc.

Finish with a solution to the controversy, including: Your own ideas Researched ideas Remember this work is individual. You can visit me during my office hours, or make an appointment if you are unsure of what is expected, and need to talk. Also, be prepared to share your final report in class, in small groups – time permitting. This is worth 20% of your grade and is due Sunday, March 2nd. Below is the Child’s Rights rubric. Please remember that, although this report is virtual, and allows for creativity, the content is most important.

Children’s Rights Rubric Name: unsatisfactory Needs Improvement 2 3-4 Excellent 5 Content The writer simply restates facts rather than reflecting on his or her own experience. The writer’s point of view is not evident. 0-9 Contains some interesting ideas, but the writer does not explore them thoroughly. Lacks detailed explanation or supporting examples. 10-11 Essay shows thoughtful reflection. Writer’s point of view is apparent. 12-13 Demonstrates fresh, original thought and ideas. Point of view is thoroughly explored and clearly expressed. 4-15 Organization No clear direction. Main ideas are vague and connections are confusing or incomplete. O Includes an organizational skeleton (intro, body, conclusion), but often strays from the main idea. Lacks transitions. 1 Organization is generally good, but here may be some extraneous details or unclear transitions. 2 Organization enhances the main ideas. Supporting information is presented logically, with no extraneous details. Transitions are smooth. 3 Sentence Fluency and Word Choice Contains frequent grammar errors.

Sentences are choppy, awkward, and hard to follow. Vocabulary is limited and words are used incorrectly. O Some errors in grammar and word choice. Sentences may be incomplete or rambling. 1 Generally applies standard English usage and appropriate word choices. Sentences are grammatical, but sometimes stiff or choppy. 2 The writing flows and shows a high level of sophistication. Strong and specific words are used to convey meaning. 3 Mechanics Frequent spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors.

No evidence of proofreading. 0-1 Some distracting errors. Needs more thorough proofreading. 2 Contains occasional spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors, but the errors are not overly distracting. 3 Proofreading is thorough. Correct spelling and punctuation throughout. 4 * The report will be out of 25 points, a further potential 5 points being awarded based on your use of the app. Here I am looking for attractiveness and creativity, and your use of audio, image, and video in addition to the criteria above.

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