Chinese Culture Preservation in Singapore Sample Essay

When walking through the Chinatown. people can easy see the ruddy ornaments like Chinese knots and paper-cut for window ornament. When weaving on the street during Spring Festival. the Lion Dances are besides performed in forepart of some shopping centre beautifully. All these things make us experience the strong Chinese cultural atmosphere. Although being 1000s stat mis off from China. Chinese civilization is still preserved good in Singapore. To continue and go through on the first-class constructs. imposts and civilization accomplishments. along with keeping the distinguished Chinese features and eventually doing Chinese civilization be an indispensable portion in the Singapore civilization. many things have been done and still being done bit by bit by the authorities. organisations. the media and households. During the procedure of preserving and transporting frontward the Chinese civilization. the authorities plays an initial function. In order to go through on the linguistic communication and advance a better communicating among Chinese Singaporean. the authorities launched the “Speak Mandarin Campaign” in 1980s. which aimed to do Mandarin a lingua franca among the Chinese. Furthermore. this run besides has a great significance in uniting the Chinese since many distinct idiom groups were at that place in Singapore ( Leong. 2011 ) .

Meanwhile. the authorities set the Chinese New Year as one of the public vacations. Therefore. the Chinese Singaporean still can observe their festival and pass the two vacations to make traditional activities with household or organisations. Due to the attempts put in by the authorities. the Chinese happen the farther manner to inherit and develop the civilization. Subsequently. schools and organisations do a batch as reinforcements. Schools. particularly the Chinese High School. offer the Mandarin classs. Chinese history every bit good as Chinese literature categories to learn pupils Chinese linguistic communication. linguistic communication and assimilate cultural accomplishments. which is an intentionally manner to go through on the Chinese civilization to the following coevals. In add-on. assorted Chinese cultural organisations and kins association still supply colourful activities like penmanship competitions or addresss about the Confucianism for the Chinese. in lending to continued development of Chinese civilization and doing people rooted in their ain civilization. In the interim. the media spread the idioms. ideas and imposts to the society. doing Chinese civilization have a greater influence in Singapore.

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Chinese Culture Preservation in Singapore Sample Essay
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Mandarin is by and large propagated through many Chinese Television media and wireless channels in Singapore ; besides. there are besides some dialect intelligence broadcast medium channels. Additionally. newspapers like Lianhe Zaobao. the most popular Chinese newspaper that circulates in Singapore. which chiefly publishes China intelligence. Chinese civilization every bit good as Chinese literature. do the Chinese civilization into people’s day-to-day life ( Anonymous. 2010 ) . Last but non least. it is really households which pass on the civilization and live with it as the most cardinal practicians in the procedure of go throughing on the civilization. Many Chinese Singaporeans speak Mandarin or idioms like Cantonese among household members. That truly helps the childs to pattern the linguistic communication every twenty-four hours and heighten their capableness of talking their ain linguistic communication. During Chinese festivals. regardless of whether they have public vacations or non. traditional activities will ever be held in household.

For illustration. the Chinese Singaporean may eat Moon bars to observe the Mid-autumn Festival. Furthermore. parents will learn their childs about the good construct of household values. filial piousness and difficult work which originate from the Chinese civilization. and act upon their ideas through parents’ behaviour. It is good to see that traditions are practiced in day-to-day life and that precisely make the Chinese civilization alive and rooted in people’s bosom. To sum up. much work has been done by the authorities and the Chinese Singaporeans to continue their Chinese civilization measure by measure. and that is precisely the ground why the Chinese civilization are preserved familial nicely in Singapore. With these actions taken by authoritiess. organisations. the media and households. we can hopefully anticipate a bright hereafter for the Chinese civilization saving.


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