Chocolate and Like Water for Chocolate Essay

In Chocolat. I learned that nutrient has charming power that engages and connects people and brings them into good dealingss. Vianne and her girl were non welcomed in a conservative and spiritual town at get downing. nevertheless her cocoa had charming power to run those peoples’ cold attitude and they became drawn into her cocoa. even that obstinate curate Reynaud who had strong hostile feeling against Vianne did so at the terminal. I liked the portion that Reynaud couldn’t resist to interrupt in her shop and seek all the cocoas before Easter Sunday.

It is like one of my dreams. I roll in cocoas. I imagine myself in a field of cocoas. on a beach of cocoas. basking-rooting-gorging. I have no clip to read the labels ; I cram cocoas into my oral cavity at random” ( Harris 312 ) . I believe his attitude besides influenced and changed town people since he is the symbol that his faithful people ought to believe in and follow in their town. I besides enjoyed seeing the relationship between Vianne and Roux.

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Chocolate and Like Water for Chocolate Essay
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With similar features they both have. such as free minded. non spiritual like town people. move from a topographic point to another and slightly stray from society. it is natural that they feel near each other. Particularly. the dark they spent together is one of my favourite parts. because it was described attractively and romantically. “The garden was still warm in the freshness of the brasiers. The mock oranges and lilacs of Narcisse’s treillage blanketed us beneath their aroma. We lay on the grass like kids.

We made no promises. spoke no words of love. though he was soft. about passionless. traveling alternatively with a slow sugariness along my organic structure. lapping my tegument with flap of the lingua. [ … ] For the minute. simple admiration ; at myself lying naked in the grass. at the soundless adult male beside me. at the enormousness above and the enormousness within. We lay for a long clip. Roux and I. until our perspiration cooled and small insects ran across our organic structures. and we smelled lavender and thyme from the flower bed at our pess as. keeping custodies. we watched the intolerable slow Wheeling of the sky” ( Harris 289-290 ) .

In Like Water for Chocolate. I learned the method of Magic Realism and enjoyed reading several subjects which were described with Magic Realism. Magic Realism is an aesthetic manner or genre of fiction in which charming elements blend with the existent universe. The narrative explains these charming elements as existent happenings. presented in a straightforward mode that places the “real” and the “fantastic” in the same watercourse of idea. I enjoyed reading this novel from really get downing with Tita’s dramatic birth in kitchen.

Her tide of cryings on her birth becomes tonss of salt to be used for cooking subsequently on. “Tita was literally washed into this universe on a great tide of cryings that spilled over the border of the tabular array and flooded across the kitchen floor” ( Esquivel 6 ) . “That afternoon. when the tumult had subsided and the H2O had been dried up by the Sun. Nacha swept up the residue the cryings had left on the ruddy rock floor. There was adequate salt to make full a ten-pound sack-it was used for cookery and lasted a long time” ( Esquirel 6 ) .

I like this portion because Tita non merely has a large passion over cookery. but besides she could bring forth an ingredient –salt by her ain. which has an of import function subsequently on. I enjoyed reading the portion that the marrying bar Tita made for her sister makes every individual invitee feels hankering. intoxicated and frustrated at the nuptials. Tita’s love over Pedro was so strong and her toxicant: cryings in the bar made everyone become sick.

“The minute they took their first bite of the bar. everyone was flooded with a great moving ridge of hankering. … ] But the crying was merely the first symptom of a unusual intoxication- an acute onslaught of hurting and frustration- that seized the invitees and scattered them across the terrace and the evidences and in the bathrooms. all of them howling over lost love” ( Esquirel 39 ) . Watching both movies besides helped me understanding and visualizing each scene clearly. Now I am basking the 3rd novel. The Edible Woman. because this novel is written in modern secret plan and describes women’s conflicted feeling in modern society through nutrient and cookery.


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