Choice of University – WGU Sample Essay

My recent determination to inscribe in a university to go on and finish my chase of an undergraduate grade was non particularly hard. Choice of and committedness to a peculiar university was non every bit simple. Multiple factors including. but non limited to. monetary value point. repute. easiness of entree. and calling relevancy were weighed. I selected Western Governors University and stay really satisfied with this pick. Cost is a major finding factor. and one in which WGU holds a enormous advantage over viing learning establishments. One must see the one-year cost of WGU at $ 5. 780. compared to the mean one-year cost of a public establishment at $ 32. 617. Other on-line establishments besides can non vie in respects to be. owed mostly to WGU being the nation’s merely non-profit-making online university. University of Phoenix’s cost for a four twelvemonth grade is $ 68. 400. compared to WGU’s cost of $ 23. 120. Personally. there were extra considerations in respects to be. WGU’s one-year undergraduate tuition rates fall merely below the one-year unsubsidized Stafford Loan bound sum of $ 6. 000. Annual rates were besides really near to one-year bounds on corporate tuition reimbursement under my current employer. Furthermore. WGU charges tuition per term. instead than category or recognition unit.

This allows ambitious pupils to take extra class per term and perchance graduate early. making extra cost nest eggs. Cost is comparative to value. and even sing the nest eggs involved with taking WGU over other universities. it is still a important fiscal committedness. I wanted to guarantee that I would have a quality. respected instruction. The University hosts consequences of several studies of WGU alumnuss. all of which indicate an overpoweringly positive response – including 96 % positive feedback on whether or non they would urge WGU to others. This type of personal recommendation played a big factor in my choice of the University. as two close friends and several colleagues attend WGU. Each of them gave the University radiance reappraisals. bolstering my assurance in WGU as my personal choice. 3 Given that personal calling aspirations weighed to a great extent on my determination to return to school. the positive feedback available from employers was besides welcome.

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Choice of University – WGU Sample Essay
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A 2011 study by Harris Interactive studies that 100 per centum of employers would non waver to engage another WGU alumnus. and 98 per centum consider WGU graduates equal to or greater than alumnuss from other universities. As a working grownup with a household. flexible programming and easiness of entree is indispensable. Scheduling of single categories is flexible. leting for pupils to suit calling or personal life scheduling struggles and unexpected events. The ability to entree my coursework from any computing machine was a large draw for me. personally. Students are able to work on undertakings from place or work. and can even entree many learning resources from an cyberspace capable nomadic devices. Selected reading transitions are made available online. further cut downing the cost of instruction by extinguishing the demand to buy expensive college text editions. Testing is handled at spouse monitor installations. including several organisations license to administrate trials for proficient enfranchisements.

Several IT grade plans include a battalion of industry recognized proficient enfranchisements as an built-in portion of the class of Study. This was ab initio a large draw for me. as I had considered a calling in IT Network Administration. WGU including enfranchisements such as Cisco Certified Network Associate ( merely one of 14 proficient enfranchisements included in the Bachelor of Science: Information Technology – Network Administration plan ) adds enormous value to the degree plan. Finally I settled on the College of Business – Information Technology Management. and even that non proficient plan offers 3 industry enfranchisements as portion of the 4 twelvemonth Bachelor’s Degree plan. I’ve spoken to my wise man about trying to suit the Project class which includes CompTIA Project+ enfranchisement. one time I’ve completed my scheduled categories for this term. The wise man plan is a benefit of WGU that. while described in their promotional stuff. is non to the full realized until experient personally.

Each pupil is assigned a 4 wise man as a “personal point of contact and usher throughout the continuance of the program” ( WGU. 2012 ) . Weekly position update phone calls have been indispensable to my maintaining on path and motivated – issues I was concerned with sing the self-paced nature of online acquisition. The wise man is merely one facet of WGU’s support. Each class is supported by multiple category wise mans – experient professionals that lead on-line webinars. publish picture tutorials. and respond to personal enquiries. All of these are offered at many different times to suit students’ agendas. Returning to college as a working grownup is a serious committedness. Balancing work. household life. and trying an instruction is hard. While cost benefits. repute. and calling relevancy were my primary drivers in choosing WGU as my university. the support of my personal wise man and the staff committed to each class have been the biggest factor in my satisfaction with WGU. I do non waver to propose Western Governors University to anyone interested in prosecuting higher instruction. 5


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