Choosing a Career Essay

Choosing an apt career is very important because it can affect success in our jobs. But as we know, in order to select a suitable job, it is not effortless. We have to pay attention to many factors if we want to have a loving job. And in my opinion, hobbies and abilities are always the most significant parts which I often concern when I look for a job. Everyone from children to elder also have own hobbies and those avocations contribute importantly for choosing the jobs. When we have hobbies, it means that we will have goals and motives to try and work.

From then, we can find passions in our jobs and get best results. I used to know the girl who is a clear evident. 4 years ago, she looked for first job, but she didn’t care about anything except salary. After working a long time, she felt discouraged and disappointed; she wasn’t interesting in job because her career wasn’t her hobbies. That’s why she decided to stop working and looked for another job which she really liked. Now she works with best talent and she always finds passions in her new job.

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Choosing a Career Essay
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Moreover, there is another element which we have to remind. That’s abilities. They’re very necessary because thank to them, we’re easy to be more successful. But if choosing a job isn’t fit our competency, the serious consequences will happen. We try imagining that how results are when we select a career which goes beyond our abilities. It makes us not only inferior but also exhausted before trials of jobs. For example, we can be good at this subject but we don’t have aptitudes about other subject.

Therefore to have a best job; we should confirm what our competency and our expert job are. Thank to them, we can find the most proper job for ourselves. In conclusion, selecting a career is always a difficult problem which makes many young people worried and confused. There will many mistakes and many regrets if we work jobs which aren’t apt to our hobbies and our abilities. So, we have to know how to combine two things in the most reasonably way in order that we are able to find our loving jobs.


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