chorale's Chips and dips inc.- are you in or are you out? Essay

Chorale’s chips and dips, Inc. – Are you in or are you out? Congratulations! You have been asked by the new president of Chorale’s Chips N’ Dips, Inc. A1 Gunner, to lead a new recognition team. A1 is concerened that his work force of 586 employees needs to be motivated to achieved higher goals and customer expectations, increased requirements, and more demanding regulations from the (FDA) Food and Drug Administration. Although he has only been at this plant two months he has obsereved low morale, unusally high waste and scrap, unclean areas, and as he says “a plays that has a lifeless spirit”.

The plant is dark gray, the lunchroom has one vending machine that requires luck, and the parking lot may even have empty six packs and fast food snacks taking up spaces. A1 overherad employees commenting in the bathroom, “what difference does it make, we get paid the same whether we do or don’t. Nobody coms around or notices when you make any extra effort anyway. Makes me want to use their chips and dipd for a.. ” and they paused when they saw A1. A1 says, “l talked to them, and reassured them and asked them to help me understand what changes they thought needed to be made.

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chorale's Chips and dips inc.- are you in or are you out? Essay
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They said they couldn’t remember he last time they saw a manager in their area. They said they stay in meetings so much theyre clueless to what really goes on and wouldn’t know the name of an employee if they were reading their badge. They said the only information they received was when some supervisor appeared from their cubicle long enough to tell them what they did wrong and threatened them that if it happened again they would be fired. They didn’t even get a turkey last year because some guy in human resources was vegetarian. Most feel they couldn’t get another Job around here; who would hire them now?


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