Chulbuli Animated Advert Analysis Animation Essay

This advertizement directed by Vaibhav, made in Vaibhav studios, earned celebrity and was credited for the baronial act of advancing good hygiene along with the merchandise.In fact, this run for the commercial moved on to go a tool to distribute a specific message to kids across India.

The supporter

fig ( 3 )

Some Concept art studies of Chulbuli


Since it is an ad for a shampoo, the character Chulbuli was made to hold long hair that extended till her pes!

To do her appear all the more cute, she was given a unit of ammunition face, and egg like eyes.

She was made to have on a bluish frock, may be remind people of their product-Clinic Plus!

fig ( 4 )

The long-haired Chulbuli

Chulbuli, s ma

fig ( 5 )

Chulbuli ‘s ma

Looks of a typical Indian female parent have oning a green saree and blouse, with a large bindi on her brow.


Relevance of Chulbuli to most small misss

fig ( 6 )

Chulbuli in her ain way-lively and blue!

Since most small misss are playful, Naughty, chatty, lively and merry, they all were able to associate themselves to the character, even the parents of small misss were able to associate it to their small girls.

Chulbuli ‘s ma

A lady who is a rigorous martinet, witting of self-hygiene. Typical Indian female parents ‘ type.

2D Backgrounds

The background ( basically anything that does non travel in a shooting ) sets the location, the temper and the ocular manner within which the alive characters will travel. This ad ‘s background was designed utilizing engineering that offers a alone digital expression of its ain that replicates the expression of the traditional water-color graphics.

This commercial has a figure of backgrounds

Chulbuli ‘s sleeping room

fig ( 7 )

Chulbuli waking up

An exterior scenery of green fields and hills, a tree with a swing…

fig ( 8 )

Excellent 2d backgrounds

Exterior of her house for the shooting in which she jumps out of her window.

Fig ( 9 )

Chulbuli leaping out of a window

inside of Chulbuli ‘s drawing room.

Fig ( 10 )

Chulbuli stealthily come ining her house

The backgrounds of the commercial were strictly system made. The squad had ab initio scribbled how the backgrounds should look like, the chief props, and even the merchandise.


The character Chulbuli was made to leap up and down, play joyously, and execute all kind of mischievousness, to attest her playful nature.

Fig ( 11 ) , ( 12 )

Chulbuli on top of a tree, Chulbuli with her friends

Even infinitesimal facets of life like the dismay starting up, frog leaping etc. , were animated with due attention.

Fig ( 13 ) , ( 14 )

Frog starting up, Chulbuli trailing toad

Her hair is made to swing in the way of her organic structure when she plays and leaps.

Fig ( )

Chulbuli ‘s hair vacillation


Harmonizing to the manager of the advertizement, Mr.Vaibhav Kumaresh,

The chief originative challenge that was predominant on the devising of this advertizement was the character design and development.

The commercial required a new, kind of fresh expression to congratulate Chulbuli and above all it had to be simple plenty to ease speedy production.

Since the main duty that the doing squad was given was to construct a cunning small mascot that had to raise up the full trade name name on her small shoulders.

They non merely had to construct an alone character, but besides the state of affairss and environments that she would be in. Her dwelling topographic point, her room, her parents or defenders, her actions, her buddies, her siblings, her organic structure linguistic communication, her voice…etc. Since every thing was left to their custodies, they felt that it gave them a batch of autonomy in constructing the character ‘s full personality.

On the life forepart, the first portion of the narrative has more prominence on ocular action, while the 2nd portion is more of ’emotions ‘ and ‘acting and ‘performance ‘ . Overall, the storytelling had to be simple plenty for the audience to associate to and bask.

Lip sync

Lip sync deserves more attending than it is normally gets. The challenge for a Flash energizer is that the audience has to believe that the character is speaking and there is some grade of emotion and personality in that character ‘s bringing. It is highly of import that lip syncing to dialogue is non limited to the oral cavity. Body position, dramatic motion and face and oculus look all contribute to the lip sync action to make the wholly convincing bringing. In most lifes, animated oral cavities merely do n’t look every bit convincing as unrecorded action 1s. But dialogues that a hero character speaks in an advertizement is really of import and will look more converting merely if the lips are in perfect sink with them. Since they are alive characters, people will be given to give more concentration and concentrate on what words come out of their favourite characters ‘ oral cavities. The lip sync of this ad was non so bad because, they had made overdone oral cavity motions, when the characters speak and react.

Timing and synchronism

For the sync of voice and music, frame-by-frame analysis was done before be aftering the life. So, the lip sync was rather perfect as most of the oral cavity motions were exaggerated.

Fig ( )

Mouth broad clear for the overdone look

Sound and Music

The quality of sound in an alive advertizement is every bit of import as that of the image quality. A good, robust or efficaciously composed sensitive sound path can frequently back up humdrum life, while impressive images are weakened by hapless sound. Sound is a really of import consideration. The three usual elements of a sound track-voice, music and sound effects- all have the power to appeal to the imaginativeness ; brought together, they can make more than half the work of the advertizement.

The music of this ad, composed by Tapas Relia, helped a batch in making the temper. In fact, this ad is remembered for a long clip and remains afresh in the heads of audience because of its jangle.


For character life, the pick and way of the voicing is merely every bit of import in fleshing out the duty of the characters as their drawing.

The most critical thing that is to be noted while a sketch character is being dubbed in an advertizement is that the voice of the nicknaming creative person should be kind of good story or alone as per the demands of the state of affairs. The instance should be similar, every bit shortly as they hear the voice of the character in a the advertizement, the audience should instantly acknowledge that character, finally reminding them of the advertisement merchandise that the characters star for.

The character Chulbuli was given a sharp voice to accommodate her age and lively nature. Aparnaa Bhaagwat voiced that character.

Chulbuli ‘s ma was given a austere and rigorous mature voice. Sneha Suresh voiced for that character.

Sound effects

Standard libraries of sound effects used as they come are more or less used for life because the action of life is excessively compact. For illustration, in most brassy animated ads, while the dawn in a small town ambiance is established, the usual birds humming, prick gloating sound is played from the standard sound library. Standard library sounds were used in the commercial besides, though some particular spots of sound effects were composed by Tapas.Sound design was done by Gaurav Chopra.


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