Cinderella Essay

Latifa Hidine Hidine 1 Professor McHale English 101 11-04-13 CINDERELLA As a child my favorite fairytale was Cinderella. The story amazed me how the prince came searching for Cinderella. I always used to secretly wish that I one day also would sweep a man like the prince of his feet, the way that Cinderella did. Cinderella would get tortured by her step mom and sisters; they treated her very unfairly and poorly. She was always dressed in her step sister’s hand-me downs. She looked like a peasant.

Cinderella had to watch her step mom and sisters get ready for the ball that everyone had been discussing and ranting about all over town. She knew better then to ask them if she can go, she knew that they would laugh at her and say no. I couldn’t understand why her step sisters hated her so much. I thought because Cinderella had a fairy god mother that every little girl that had been mistreated also has one. I remember loving the part of the fairy tale when the prince had noticed her from all the other girls at the ball.

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And when her step sisters saw her but didn’t notice who she really was. Cinderella had lost track of time at the ball and had to run out before the clock hit 12. She had left behind her glass slipper. The glass slipper to e was a symbol that they will reunite but it wasn’t going to be easy for the prince to find her. When the prince went searching all over town to find who the glass slipper belonged too it made me nervous when he arrived to Cinderella’s Hidine 2 House and the glass slipper almost fit her step sister.

I thought that he was going to end up with the ugly step sister. Luckily he refused to believe that it belonged to her, and saw Cinderella and placed it on her foot. When I was a child the moral of the fairy tale Cinderella to me was that every little girl had been born a princess, and one day will marry prince charming. Rereading the fairytale Cinderella as an adult, I interpret the fairy tale in a different way. I now realize that why Cinderella step sisters hated her so much. It is because they were envious and Jealous of her looks.

They wished that they were as beautiful as Cinderella was. I now realize that Cinderella’s story is make believe and it’s impossible for a pumpkin to turn into a carriage and for mice to turn into white beautiful horses, and for a plain gown to turn into an extravagant white ball gown. Also rereading the story I now know that she had to run out of the ball before 12 because she would turn back to the regular poor ooking Cinderella. But remains the same to me is that good things happen to good people.

Cinderella had no one besides her evil step family that mistreated her but then she became blessed with a fairy god mother to grant her happiness. She was also blessed because she married the prince that treated her like royalty. Although, the fairy tale Cinderella has been the same story since I have been a child, it holds a different and more of a realistic meaning to me now as an adult. I still consider Cinderella to be one of my favorite fairy tales. When I have children I will make sure I


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