Circular Motion

motion of an object turning around an axis outside the object (turns about external axis)
the spinning motion that takes pace when an object about an axis located within the object (turns about internal axis)
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Circular Motion
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the number of rotation or revolutions er unit of time; often measure in rotations or revolutions per second or per minute
Rotational speed
both the orbiting cannon ball and the moon have a component of velocity parallel to Earth’s surface. Measures circular motion around the earth
Tangential speed
An object in motion will remain in motion in a straight line at a constant speed unless acted upon by an unbalanced force
Newtons First Law
A center directed force that causes an object to move in a curved (sometimes circular) path
Centripetal Force
An apparent outward force on a rotation or revolving body. It is fictitious in the sense that it is not part of an interaction but is to the tendency of a moving body to move in a straight line path
Centrifugal Force
Accelerating object are ________.
Changing velocity
A car that is moving in a circle at a constant speed is_________________________________.
Accelerating since there is a change in velocity
An object hat is moving in a circle at a constant speed has a velocity vector that is directed____________ and an acceleration vector that is directed________________.
Tangent to the circle, inwards
An object that is moving in uniform circular motion will definitely have a large acceleration if it is ____________.
Turning at a rapid rate
THe net force acting upon an object is ___________ as the direction of the object’s acceleration
In the same direction
A quantity that is fully described by magnitude alone is a ________________.
A quantity that is fully described by both magnitude and direction is a _____________ quantity
Speed is a__________ quantity.
Velocity is a __________ quantity.
An object which moves uniformly in a circle can have a constant____________ but a chaning
The direction of a velocity vector is always_________.
In the same direction as the object is moving
For an object moving in uniform circular motion, the velocity vector is directed
In the direction of the tangent line drawn to the circle at the objects location

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