Citizenship in America Essay

Citizenship in America Citizenship is a word that several of us might know the definition of. Everyone is a citizen, well a citizen of a country. I am citizen, you, the reader are a citizen. The way a person acts, who is a citizen, is called citizenship. Citizenship also has to do with your duties or your responsibilities. For example, firefighters put out fires. Policemen capture citizens committing crimes. Doctors help people and animals feel better. Families help other family members get through good times and bad times.

All of these citizens should have good citizenship so the make others feel comfortable around them. If you want to become someone like this, you need to have good citizenship so other people can trust you. To also have good citizenship, you need to have a positive attitude. Mostly everyone will believe in you anything you do if you have a good attitude. Always be courteous, kind and very friendly. That is what it takes to have a positive attitude. Just think of all of the soldiers in Iraq, they did not go out there to have fun, they did it because they love this country.

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Citizenship in America Essay
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The soldiers that did not make it went out to Iraq with a positive attitude. Those soldiers have given their lives just for us. These soldiers had good citizenship. That is what it takes, risking your life for others for a very good cause. Do you also think policemen and FBI agents have it easy? Well you are incorrect if you replied “yes”. They too risk their lives for this country to be the best to its ability. Just think about it, chasing criminals day after day, all day. You know, those criminals might sometimes have weapons on them, that is why I think it might be hard to be a policeman or FBI agent.

So everyone who is a policeman or FBI agent is probably a very good person. Citizenship takes a good attitude. It also takes responsibility in what you do for a living, or your job if you have one. Everyone who lives on this planet can have good citizenship if you try. So if you see someone be kind and at least give them a smile, it shows off your kindness which is also something to think about citizenship. Just remember, citizenship happens all around you, and you need to participate.


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