city vs small town Essay

City small Town Are you into living the fast paced life or more of the laid back kind of style? How about going to town knowing everyone you see? There’s many differences between a small town and a city, along with many similarities, too. In a city everything is constantly fast paced and so many people trying to be everywhere at one time. Personally, I think they’re so cluttered and frustrating. A small town will never have traffic and you can get where you’re going without stopping at twenty red lights. Chances are that if you’re living in a small town then you’re probably growing and killing a portion of your food.

In the city that kind of stuff is probably unheard of. I don’t want to have to drive into town Just to get something that I could have in my back yard. When I think of a city I think of New York. I’ve been there and I could never imagine living there. It was terrible! I found one major reason that makes a city better than a small town; there’s way more Job opportunities. The city has so much more going than a small town. In my hometown there’s a Walmart, a couple local restaurants, and stores. Since a city sees more people and traffic, there’s obviously going to be way more opportunities, financially and education wise.

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city vs small town Essay
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With a big city having more people and what not, there’s bound to be more crime committed through out the area. There’s more chances to get away with a crime in a city with more people. In a small town, everyone knows everyone and you’re going to get caught so people don’t even risk it. Both a small town and a big city can offer a lot to a person, but in different ways. I think that in both you can be very successful and live a good life, but you’ll definitely grow up with different morals. Every town has their morals, but others have their own way of going about it.


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