Civil War Essay

Brothers contending brothers. a state imploding in itself. the universe is an antithesis of what auspicious T it is today. A state separated by gender. race. faith. and category is that truly a Union? The Civil War has begun. a battle non yet for the freedom of slaves but a battle to model two sides of a coin into one. The laden brethren are loath to contend and why shouldn’t they be through all the unfairnesss the Union has placed upon them? Regardless. Alfred M. Green delivers a address in an attempt to carry his brethren into contending for the right to fall in the ground forces that empathizes with his fellow brethren’s flood. that promises memorialization and acknowledgment for his fellow African Americans. and that promotes the Union’s conflict as a righteous one. Green starts his address down on the mat with a crowd that holds the blunt sentiment of non desiring to fall in a battle for a state that oppresses its people. enslaves its people. and imprisons its people. However Green acknowledges his brethren’s agony and unfairness caused by the “fugitive slave-laws” and the “Dred Scott decisions” and provinces that ‘ [ their ] responsibility is non to carp over past grievances” but to help the state with “burning ardor and enthusiasm” .

By sympathizing with the unfairnesss the Union has committed towards the black community. Green preemptively dismisses the crowd’s likely statement and establishes a common land to construct upon subsequently in his address. Likewise. Green mention’s that “the brave workss of our fathers… have failed to convey us recognition” which rapidly refutes the hereafter statement that the Brethren have already sacrificed their portion and establishes the point that it’s up to the inkinesss of that epoch to convey “honor” and “glory” to the African American race. After admiting the mistreatment the Union has committed to the free and enslaved inkinesss. Green emphasizes that fall ining the war against the South will “improve the present auspicious minute making afresh [ the brethren’s ] claims upon the justness and award for the Republic” . This quote suggests that taking up weaponries for the Union will procure the hereafter of free African Americans with freedom and award.

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In add-on. Green says. “let non the award and glorification achieved by our male parents be blasted or sullied by a privation of true gallantry among their sons” . Green invokes “filial piety” in the crowd by finally stating that the good repute their ascendants had laid out in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 should non be “sullied” or “blasted” and should be preserved and built upon for this clip they may procure a free hereafter. Towards the flood tide of his address. Green promotes the Union Army as God’s Army and “ [ he or God ] will support the right. retrieving that these are other yearss than those of yore. ”

By saying God wants the audience to “take up the sword” finally encourages the spiritual brethren to fall in this “army of God” and gives these abused people hope because God wants them to win and derive freedom from judgement and racism imposed on their race. Green besides says “ [ their ] really presence among the military personnels of the North would animate [ their ] oppressed brethren of the South with zeal… and assurance. ” Green’s purpose for this quotation mark was to arouse the righteousness of the northern audience to contend for the southern slaves who are digesting far worse adversities.

Alfred M. Green recognizes the adversity his race has endured but insists that their engagement in the war will procure a hereafter filled with award and glorification and insists that God sides with the North and trusts them to contend for and free the enslaved South. In kernel. Green converting inkinesss and Whites to work together as peers was the spring of world that inspired the many immigrants and future coevalss to see the United States of America as the land of freedom and the place of the brave.


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