Cladograms and Microbes quiz review

Question Answer
What does a cladogram show? the relationship among living species and their ancestors
How can you tell which species are more closely related on a cladogram? The further apart the species, the weaker the relationship between the species.
The system of classification developed by Carolus Linnaeus is called _____________________? taxonomy
Adaptations of the Kingdom Fungi made of eukaryotic cells, make their own food, some of animal-like characteristics
Examples of the Kingdom Fungi Mushrooms, molds, and yeast
a photosynthetic, plant-like protists is _____________. algae
What disease is caused by a sporozoan transmitted by mosquitoes? Malaria is caused by the sporozoan plasmodium.
Which blood cells does malaria infect? red blood cells.
What are rod-shaped bacteria called? bacilli
What are ball-shaped bacteria called? cocci
What are spiral- shaped bacteria called? spirilla
Bacteria is described by its ________________. shape
What type of cells have a nucleus? eukaryote
What organelle helps a euglena swim towards light so it can make its food? flagellum (whip-like tail)
What is the function of a contractile vacuole in a paramecium? control the amount of water inside an organism
What are the only organisms that have a single, prokaryotic cell? bacteria
What kind of bacterial live in extreme environments such as volcano vents? Archaebacteria
Some benefits of bacteria: make vitamins in our body, break down waste, used to make yogurt and cheese
For what are antibiotics useful? to kill bacteria without harming body cells
What is a virus? tiny, non-living particles made up of genetic material and proteins
For what does a virus use its host cell? to make new viruses
characteristics of a virus does NOT eat or produce its own food, infects host cells,CANNOT be treated by antibiotics
What is a host cell? a cell that becomes infected with a virus.
How does a virus trick the cell into letting it enter? a protein must fit like a "lock and key"
Examples of viruses: AIDS, small pox, and the common cold

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