Term Definition
Prokaryotic Does not have a nucleus
Eukaryotic Has a nucleus
Multicellular Made of many cells
Unicellular A one celled organism
Autotroph Can make its own food – PLANTS
Heterotroph Obtains food/nutrition from outside sources – ANIMALS AND FUNGI
What are the 3 Domains? Bacteria, Archae, and Eukarya
What are the 6 Kingdoms? Eubacteria, Archaebacteria, Protista, Fungi, Animalia, Plantae
Which DOMAIN is classified by being ANCIENT, living in EXTREME CONDITIONS, and are unicellular prokaryotes? ARCHAE
Which DOMAIN is classified by being unicellular prokaryotes who live everywhere and can be harmful or helpful? BACTERIA
Which DOMAIN is classified by being MULTI and UNICELLULAR eukaryotes, live everywhere and is made up of 4 Kingdoms? EUKARYA
A tool used to identify things in the living world; made of two choices. Dichotomous Key
What is the order in which things are classified? Domain – Kingdom – Phylum – Class – Order – Family – Genus – Species

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