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Question Answer
Also known as the collar bone Clavicle
Also known as the knee cap Patella
Part of the skull that protects the brain Cranium
Also known as the lower jaw Mandible
The upper bone in the arm Humerus
Another name for your fingers and toes Phalanges
The big bones in the heel of your foot Tarsals
The bone in your lower arm that allows your arm to twist. Radius
Also known as the shin bone Tibia
The bone in your lower arm that does not rotate Ulna
The smaller bone on the outside part of the lower leg Fibula
The individual bones in the spine or backbone Vertebrae
Also known as the thigh bone Femur
The group of bones in the wrist Carpals
The bones that surround the lungs and heart to protect them Ribs
The bones that make up the hips Pelvis
The long bones in the foot between the heel and the toes Metatarsals
The bone also known as the breast plate Sternum
The long bones in the hand between the fingers and the wrist Metacarpals
Bone also known as the shoulder blade Scapula

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