Clicker Questions

Question Answer
Which list shows the order in which large amounts of each molecule/structure is encountered in the integument going from deep to superficial? collagen, keratin, carotene
blood vessels are located in the epidermis t/f false
What is the layer that is present in thick skin but not thin skin? stratum lucidum
overall, what layer in cutaneous membrane is the thickest? Dermis -> reticular layer
what layer makes thick skin so much thicker than thin skin? Stratum corneum
One difference between loose and dense CT is that dense CT has more ______ than loose CT. fibers
What type of cell is immediate deep to epithelial cells? both ET and CT cells are possible
One difference between passive and active transport is that only active transport ________. requires ATP
One difference between simple and facilitated diffusion is that facilitated diffusion ________. requires a protein channel
Where will you find hair follicles? in thick or thin skin? in thin skin only
What component of the cytoskeleton is made of keratin? intermediate filaments
what kind of cells are in the root bulb producing hair cells? epithelial cells
the scar tissue that we observe is mostly due to changes in the _________. dermis
why do bones heal faster than cartilage? because bones have blood flowing through them whereas cartilage has a lack of blood supply.

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