Cloning: Is It Science Fiction or Science Fact? Essay

Cloning: Is it Science Fiction or Science Fact? Diane Norton June 2, 2010 Cloning is it Science Fiction or Science Fact? It is true that medical advances can save lives, but does new medical technologies go, too far. Cloning’ medical benefits are astounding. There were medical advances that were unethical, for example heart transplants or other organ transplants and “test tube” babies, but are now considered being, the “norm”.

That being said, “Would you use the new technology to save someone’s life from serious disease or stop a childless couple from having a child born from their own genetics’, as opposed to adopting children from agencies? Fetuses, are grown as spare organ parts, because there are patients in desperate need of these transplants. This can save many lives this would greatly decrease the amount of time a dying patient has to wait. The afore mentioned fertility applications for barren couples or couples who lost a child Cloning technology, used as an improvement for ourselves.

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Cloning: Is It Science Fiction or Science Fact? Essay
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Through new information about genes, hormones, etc. received from cloning, humanity can one day dictate what characteristics, their offspring will have. A cloned child could be stronger, smarter, and healthier because of gene insertions, which is done, during the early stages of life. This act is not immoral; This is just improving humankind as a species. There many groups which are opposed to this new technology, for example: The Church and human rights groups.

Cloning, the new scientific break-through, has a multitude of health benefits to help the terminally ill and childless couples around the world. Conclusion Cloning will one day benefit humankind, maybe not today or even tomorrow, but one day this technology will help all humankind. The benefits of cloning out- weighs the few religious beliefs that are holding back research that could benefit a large number of people. Some ethicists argue that if the persistence of cloning research continues, soon whole human being clones will all be running around, with no sense of identity. This is ridiculous.

Of course, laws would be passed against this process and cloning would be strictly limited to treating medical conditions and helping couples have children of their own. Cloning a whole, identical human being just to harvest their organs or bone marrow is not Cloning human beings would serve no audible purpose anyhow. In contrast however, “…if a sterile second-generation Holocaust survivor wanted a male heir to continue an otherwise doomed family line, the rabbi says he might advise the man to clone rather than use donor sperm. ”  (Woodward 60). References Woodward, Kenneth L. “Today the Sheep…”  Newsweek 10 Mar 1997: 60.


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