Clothing Industry Essay

E-commerce provides many new ways for concerns and consumers to pass on and carry on concern. The history of e-commerce day of the months back to 1970, when for the first clip, electronic informations interchange ( EDI ) and electronic fund transportation were introduced. Since so, a rapid growing of e-commerce has pervaded about every other facets of concern such as supply concatenation direction, dealing processing, cyberspace selling, and stock list direction. E-commerce and related engineerings are playing an of import function for B2B minutess where the purchasing determinations are non reading automated. Internet web provides an terminal user interface, and gives those terminal users planetary entree. E-commerce can be used to seek, purchase and after gross revenues services. Organization can seek for goods and services that are non available from their bing providers. Search may non be successful but there is no injury in seeking. There are batch of sites where organisation can happen provider for goods and services. Organizations can buy or sell goods and services over the Internet. After gross revenues services are really expensive and required a batch re-engineering, but with the aid of e-commerce these services are to be efficaciously and economically delivered via the Internet.


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Harmonizing to research made, it was noted that over 60 % of orders made in vesture industry are ordered via their web site. So due to that, the usage of their web site has been made usage of greatly. Qualities of utility, serviceability and desirableness play a cardinal function in the good design of all digital merchandises and digital environments such as web sites ( Buchanan, 2000 ) . In the literature of e-Commerce web site development, qualities of serviceability and utility have received the chief attending of research workers, which were chiefly based on the work pioneered by Nielsen and his associates since mid 1990s. Since so, web interior decorators compete to supply higher functionality and characteristics to imitate the physical shopping environment. However, as e- Commerce sites intensify their attempt to supply persuasive shopping experience for their users, it is so necessary to look beyond usefulness and functional serviceability. As apparent from old literatures, the component of merchandise desirableness ( Norman, 2004 ; Spillers, 2004 ; Desmet & A ; Hekkert, 2002 ) has been shown to hold an of import decisive function in the merchandise choice. Similarly, merchandise desirableness can offer an emotional connectivity in e-Commerce web sites to portray positive experience in the digital shopping environment. For illustration, in the physical universe, retailing concerns concentrate on shop design and layout to portray positive experience to pull consumers. It is improbable for a possible consumer to travel into a dark and mussy shop, to look for a merchandise no affair how good the quality of the merchandise offered. Correspondingly, e-Commerce concerns should emphasize on how to present the best experience at first glimpse to possible consumer by supplying a desirable digital shopping environment. An e-Commerce web site that embeds affectional entreaty is seen to offer consumer a positive experience sing the web site.

This thought is supported by the pragmatism in e-commerce being up to day of the month. As engineering progresss and e-Commerce quickly matures, most e-Commerce web sites are showing every bit good design characteristics in footings of functionality and serviceability. Consequently, with all other factors being equal, what may let an e-commerce to stand out is its ability to breed favorable consumer experiences and affect ( Li & A ; Zhang, 2005 ) . Furthermore, due to the luxury they get in internet, today ‘s e-commerce websites users have become sophisticated and doubting. They are now looking for emotional connectivity in everything they see. Norman ( Norman, 2002 ) and Desmet ( Desmet & A ; Hekkert, 2002 ) have besides supported that it has now become more and more of import to include experiential and emotional quality in designs. Therefore, e-Commerce web sites should bring on desirable consumer experience and affect that influences its user ‘s perceptual experience of the web site. This is finally seen to heighten the success and outreach potency of their online concern.

Furthermore, a good web site design does a batch of good for the company as the name implies. It is really indispensable that a web site has got a good design to pull its clients to bask their clip they spend online instead than their physical shopping in the traditional shops. A good web site should hold these characteristics:

Text: –

O The background of a good web site does non disrupt with the text.

O The text is large plenty to read but non excessively large.

O The hierarchy of the information is absolutely clear

O Columns of text are narrower than in a book to do reading easier on screen

Navigation: –

O Navigation buttons and bars are easy to understand and utilize

O Navigation is consistent throughout a web site

O Navigation buttons and bars provide the visitant with a hint as to where they are, what page of the site they are presently on

O Frames, if used, are non noticeable

O A big web site has an index or site map

Linkss: –

O Link colorss coordinate with page colorss

O Linkss are underlined so they are immediately clear to the visitant

Artworks: –

O Buttons are non large and dorky

O Every graphic has an elevation label

O Every graphic nexus has a duplicate text nexus

O Graphics and backgrounds use browser-safe colorss

O Animated artworks turn off by themselves

General Design: –

O Pages download rapidly. ( six seconds regulation )

O First page and place page tantrum into 800 ten 600 pixel infinite

O All of the other pages have immediate ocular impact within 800 ten 600 pels

O Good usage of in writing elements ( exposures, subheads, draw quotation marks ) to interrupt up big countries of text

O Every web page in the site looks like it belongs to the same site ; there are insistent elements that carry throughout the pages

Besides, sing the characteristics of a bad web site designs that can set off clients or do the web design expression dorky, administration must make something non to posses this bad characteristics on their web site or else, it will set the clients off and thereby be them loss. Features of a bad web site designs are many but here are few of them:


O Default gray coloring material

O Colour combinations of text and background that make the text difficult to read

O Busy, deflecting backgrounds that make the text difficult to read

Text: –

O Text that is excessively little to read

O Text crowding against the left border

O Text that stretches all the manner across the page

Linkss: –

O Default bluish links

O Linkss that are non clear about where they will take you

O Links in organic structure transcript that distract readers and take them off to remote, useless pages

Artworks: –

O Large in writing files that take everlastingly to lade

O Meaningless or useless artworks

O Thumbnail images that are about every bit big as the full-sized images they link to

O Artworks that do n’t suit on the screen ( presuming a screen of 800 ten 600 pels )

Blinking & A ; Animation: –

O Anything that blinks, particularly text

O “ Under building ” marks, particularly of small work forces working

O Animations that ne’er stop

Debris: –

O Junky advertisement

O Too many small images of meaningless awards on the first page

O Multiple frame coil bars in the center of a page

Navigation: –

O Unclear pilotage ; over complex pilotage

O Complicated frames, excessively many frames, unneeded coil bars in frames

O page rubrics that do n’t explicate what the page is about

General Design: –

O Entry page or place page that does non suit within standard browser window ( 800 x 600 pels )

O Lack of contrast ( in coloring material, text, to make hierarchy of information, etc. )

O Frames that make you scroll sideways

Besides, dressing administration like spread, banana democracy should better their current web sites with welcoming music even it is for few seconds to do the client feel like as if they are in the tradition shop merely like the music is being played in at that place.

Furthermore, there are assorted ways by which electronic merchandising might differ from that which goes on in a traditional section shop. Recently Jeff Bezos, laminitis and CEO of, categorically stated that pure Web-based retail would ever offer the consumer a greater choice of merchandises at lower monetary values than traditional retail shops. A closer expression at the factors that drive Web-based gross revenues indicates that many of the properties enjoyed by traditional physical retail shops may really turn out advantageous for on-line retail success. Electronic merchandising is cosmopolitan, 24-hour-a-day entree to a centralised order processing and distribution system. It can be entree all over the universe at any clip. Some web sites do transport internationally similar Amazon, Ebay.Customers feel more comfy to travel on-line and hunt for what they need and purchase it at their ain convenient clip comparison to traveling to a traditional shop where there is clip limitation. It is obvious that clients tend to hold clip to do orders largely when they are back from work and due to this fact, it is more advantageous for them to buy online instead than them traveling in to the traditional shop. A well-designed Web site provides the client greater easiness and velocity in entree, shopping, and purchasing than physical shops do. Customers tend to be motivated by the manner they see things online and to some extent spend more than their initial budget which shows they are basking the service.

In add-on, Web engineering allows companies to personalise the shopping experience by steering the consumer to parts of the site that are in line with the client ‘s involvement profile. The procedure of on-line purchasing allows the concern to make a consistent, personalized, and efficient shopping experience. In add-on, the automated and centralized concern procedures of e-commerce allow for a broad assortment of extremely discounted merchandises. Many clients are attracted to the online shopping merely because of the price reduction they get which is rather of import to them. They tend to bask it because comparison to traditional shop, they are apt non to acquire the price reduction at all, so acquiring the price reduction is decidedly advantageous for them so they decided to instead purchase through the web sites instead than in tradition shop., one of the leaders in e-commerce, continually receives high Markss for client service. Their Web site is designed to rush the consumer through the procedure of choosing and telling books, music, picture, toys, electronics, and place betterment tools, while giving reassuring, personal service at extremely discounted monetary values. Merchandises are typically drop-shipped utilizing bringing services such as UPS and FedEx. The combination of efficiency, discounted monetary values, and personal service is why is often mentioned as a theoretical account of client service for concerns on the Web. Some clients truly find it hard to transport things down to their place themselves as they do n’t hold auto, they now prefer to order it online holding looked at different assorted points and have them delivered at their ain convenient clip. It is possible to travel into tradition shop to order and have it delivered as good but sing clip factor, client may non hold adequate clip to look at every point in shop, but they can make so on the web site so easy. Department shops create a shopping environment through the usage of lighting, shows and other assorted tactics ; which I think website can make that every bit good merely because I had an experience where my friend bought a cell phone in wire fly web site and after the verification, it congratulates him stating ‘ ‘ felicitation for your purchase with us, you should have your order shortly ” ; It was a great experience which I do believe a whole batch of web site has been making that every bit good. Some e-commerce web site has adapted to seting welcoming music or jangles on their web site after opening their place page.

Besides, utilizing cyberspace as a distribution medium is contributing to sell any type of merchandise. Nowadays, clients buy nutrient on the cyberspace, they do n’t necessitate to travel into the tradition shop merely because it ‘s less nerve-racking to travel on-line and purchase easy compare to traveling to the shop. E-tailers are cut downing the hazard of shopping online because some people tend to commandeer their informations such as references, recognition card figure and all critical information through shopping online. The growing of broadband cyberspace connexions around the Earth has doubtless boosted online shopping, merely by dramatically rushing up the procedure of accessing web sites, and purchasing goods. Broadband is at least 10 times every bit fast as dial-up. Having entree to broadband agencies that consumers are more likely to utilize the cyberspace to buy mundane points such as food markets. However, faster connexion velocities besides allow users to download music files, picture cartridge holders, and films, or to vie in on-line gambling, farther hiking the possible grosss generated by e-commerce. Traditionally, persons and concerns have ordered goods or services online via computing machines, but the increasing handiness of broadband on nomadic phones has opened up another avenue for e-tailers. Indeed, a study published in March 2009 by ABI Research, based in New York, said that consumers are progressively utilizing their phones for fiscal minutess. ABI said that growing in e-commerce is being driven chiefly by payment via SMS ( short message service ) , nomadic cyberspace, and nomadic applications. In industrialised states, nomadic users are going familiar and comfy with utilizing cell phones for more than merely voice communicating. In developing states, nomadic fiscal services are popular as an option to scarce local fiscal establishments.

Furthermore, cyberspace can be use to hike the degree of client service by maintaining contact with clients through their electronic mails. Every online based client does hold electronic mail reference, and by the assistance of cyberspace, administration can maintain in contact with its clients in instance there is any update, gross revenues or new merchandises that the administration wants to portion with its clients. They are figure of ways which client service can be improved through client relationship direction ( CRM ) via cyberspace. This includes dependability, security, efficiency, communicating, quality control and service monitoring. Making this through cyberspace does profit the client by cut downing the sum of insistent form-filling that client has to make. Customer penchants can besides be kept on record, doing puting an order quicker and easier for the client.

The cyberspace offers any concern the chance to show a commercial image independent of the administration ‘s size and location. Small and medium sized concerns ( SMBs ) across the UK have exploited the cyberspace as it has evolved from an interesting medium for the technology-aware to an indispensable commercial platform. With this increasing importance, and the cyberspace ‘s ability to widen the range of a concern, it is valuable to gain exactly what different cyberspace service suppliers ( ISPs ) offer before purchasing. Internet is widely accepted as a cardinal concern tool, the cyberspace has moved far from its academic roots. While many companies in some of the more traditionally industrialized parts have gone online more late, other parts with more rural sweeps show a important strategic committedness to the cyberspace. Internet communications non merely widen the range for distant countries, many new applications besides permit those based in locations where conveyance paths are congested to exchange from physical travel to digital. This includes the usage of e-commerce platforms to interact with providers, clients and spouses. Now British SMBs have embraced the cyberspace and rely upon it for progressively sophisticated services, it becomes even more of import to understand the different offers from suppliers and look beyond monetary value to added value and regional support. This besides places an burden on the ISPs themselves to distinguish their merchandise options to show most clearly the benefits and concern impact of their services, and how they intend to back up clients across the UK.


It could be noted that cyberspace or web site has been the sector which generates much gross revenues for the selected companies, clients prefer to travel online at their leisure clip and buy what they wish to buy at any clip. Besides, they can entree any sector of the shop with the assistance of merely a chink, comparison to making so in the traditional shop which will take longer than expected. Customers besides do patronise online really much because of the price reductions and verifiers they get from their purchase. Besides, clients feel really comfy to go forth a feedback about their shopping experience and which countries the administration needs to better. More so, it ‘s of import the web sites posses the properties of a good web site so it can pull more of the clients traveling into the traditional shop to get down doing usage of cyberspace which is really easy for them at their ain leisure clip. If the chosen administration above has n’t possessed a good web site characteristic, there will be no such great gross revenues from their web site.


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