Cloud Computing Essay

Cloud Computing provided convenience to the users as it will auto download or upload the updated data for which ever computer is attach to it, example DropBox. The Cloud in “Cloud Computing” is a term which we usually refer to the internet as he internet and its infrastructure is so complex therefore using the word cloud is somewhat easier for anyone to understand it. Figure 2-27 Users can use a lightweight desktop or laptop to and with the use of the internet and Internet browsers they can use applications that require heavy processing.

This helps users to spend less on their actual hardware, thus helping companies to save money, with a lighter configuration of their computing hardware it will lead to lesser power consume and also will help in saving the earth and saving money. 3. Real World Application 3. 1. Dropbox Figure 3-38 The Dropbox is a free service which provides users to automatically access their files, photos and videos anywhere. Dropbox will automatically save the file from the user’s computer, mobile or even the dropbox website, and dropbox will sync with all the devices that it connected to it and download the files.

So all the files will be the same latest update, and the user can access the files anywhere. 9 3. 2. Google Docs Figure 3410 Google launched their service to the public on 2006, this allows the public users to create, collaborate and share their documents real-timel 1 over the use Google’s ervice with the requirements of Internet browser and Internet connection. No longer has the need to work by sending documents using emailed for collaboration. This allows users to work more efficiently as everything is in the Google Docs server.

Docs also nas tne aDlll ty to allow users to cnoose tnelr collaDorators12 ana who can view their documents. This allows security to the author of the document before they can release the document. 13 3. 3. Microsoft Office 365 In 19 Oct 2010 Microsoft introduced the cloud based office pproduactivity tools aim to businesses improve pproduactivity. It bringing together the best of Microsoft has to ffer into the Microsoft Office 365, which has its SharePoint, Exchange, Lync and the traditional office pproduactivity tools. 4 Users will require Web Browsers and an Internet connection for them to access the Office 365. Microsoft also has retained the looks and feel of the office environment in the Figure 3 -515 this is traditional Microsoft office, which is installed in the computer system that you own. In Figure 3-616 it is the screen shot taken as the user is accessing it via the Internet browser. Figure 3-515 Figure 3-616 3. 4. AutoCAD WS Many engineers in many field use the application AutoCAD, it is an essential tool for very engineer to view the mechanical drawings, electrical drawings or even architects.

As the minimum requirements for the application to work are high, so the user will require a high-end computer to use this application. The group from AutoCAD has created a cloud based AutoCAD application and with this user can use Google Chrome, Mobile Smart Phone or even the iPads or Android tablets. To view or edit the drawings this gives the engineers more efficiency and no longer the need of high-end computers Just a simple device and the Job are done.

In the Figure 3-718 it is a screen shot by using a web browser which is in this case he Google Chrome and in Figure 3 -819 it is mobile and tablets using the cloud based AutoCad, it has the ability to allow offline editing, after it is connected to the internet it will sync with the cloud server so that other devices accessing it can get the copy that the user had change. 17 Figure 3-718 Figure 3-819 Future Trends I nere are many speculatlons towards tne cloud computing Tuture ana now It will impact our daily lives.

There are a few speculations which I think it might be true, Cloud Computing will be a main choice for SME’s and even big corporations, as the resources will be more customizable. 0 “Cloud computing will unleash innovation”21 space and cost for the IT infrastructure will be cut down, as everything the company need is in the cloud, and this removes the constrain of space and cost involve to improve the IT infrastructure for the company. The Internet browser will be all you need for desktop computing in future, as cloud application will replace traditional application.

The cloud computing will provide the heavy processing which the application require. 22 The closes to this claim would be Google Chrome OS that is Google’s very own Operation System. 23 Summary To summaries the topic on cloud computing it has a down side to it; it will require a reliable Internet access for the users to be able to connect to the cloud applications and the other features. If this Internet access is not reliable, it would be almost impossible to fully utilize the usefulness of cloud computing.

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