Coca Cola Marketing Strategies Essay

Coca-Cola’s International Marketing Strategy Rosie E. Bevel Bus 401 – International Business Dr. Cyd Naig-Coloma 22 July 2010 Coca Cola’s International Marketing Strategy The History of Coca-Cola began over a century ago. Today Coca-Cola sells products in over 300 countries world-wide, and has over 3,000 different beverages in its portfolio. (Coca-cola. com) The Coca-Cola brand is familiar to people all around it the world, and is available in many different varieties. The company takes pride in the development of unique marketing strategies, which have allowed growth and access to various places throughout the world.

Their extremely recognizable branding is one of Coca-Cola’s greatest strengths and the simplicity of its bottling is a part of a great marketing strategy. Coca-Cola makes money primarily from selling the concentrate to their very famous cola, allowing many across the globe to share the experience. “Enjoyed more than 685 million times a day around the world Coca-Cola stands as a simple, yet powerful symbol of quality and enjoyment” (Allen, 1995). Additionally, according to Bettman, et. al, (1998) Coca-Cola’s bottling system is one of their greatest strengths.

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It allows them to conduct business on a global scale while at the same time maintain a local approach. Coca-Cola was founded in 1886, and has become the world’s leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of nonalcoholic beverages, produces over 300 brands around the world. The corporate headquarters are in Atlanta, with local operations in over 200 countries around the world. The bottling companies are locally owned and operated by independent business people who are authorized to sell products of the Coca-Cola Company.

Because Coke does not have outright ownership of its bottling network, its main source of revenue is the sale of concentrate to its bottlers (Bettman, et. al, 1998). From the world’s largest cities to its most remote villages, the bottling system is made up of locally rooted enterprises committed to quality. The Coca-Cola Company bottling partners are always local businesses, exerting a strong influence on economic development and actively participating in community life through local events and philanthropic activities.

More than 70 percent of Coca Cola’s income comes from outside the U. S. , but the real reason they are a truly global company is that the products meet the varied taste preferences of consumers everywhere. Their strategic marketing strategies differ depending on the country because of various cultural differences around the world. Coca-Cola has got such an intensive distribution and bottlers system that its products are available everywhere in the world, starting from Middle East to Australia. You can find coca cola product on every retail outlet.

There are many reasons why the company decided to sell its product in international market. The prospect exists to sell Coca-Cola worldwide, because it is a product which can be used by everyone irrespective of age and gender, all over the world. Marketing globally demand the company to have a marketing team in line with a country’s consumers so effective sales can be made and good relations with the abroad key employees can be maintained. Additionally, advertising has created a demand for Coca-Cola worldwide.

However, advertising has to be in line with the domestic culture. An adapted marketing mix means adjusting the mix with the prevailing culture, geographic, economic and other differences in different countries. Different languages and cultures caused problems. Coca-Cola has defeated this problem by extending its corporation and hiring locally. Overall, Coca-Cola has proven itself to be a truly global company with effective and innovative marketing strategies. The key strategy is in their bottling system allowing the company to be a truly worldwide recognizable brand.

It’s proven to be very successful in the amount of growth the company has seen since its inception. Additionally, the company understands that in order to grow, change and adaptation is necessary. The company has expanded itself by adapting to the varying cultures worldwide; however the key brand concentrate is the same. Coca-Cola is proven itself as a multinational enterprise with you plans of slowing down. References Coca-Cola Case Study. 123HelpMe. com. ; 31 Jul 2010 ,http://www. 123HelpMe. com/view. asp? id=23720;


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