Coffee and Starbucks Essay

Topic: Personality and Consumer Behavior Hello Starbucks! Walk several blocks in almost any city in America and you’ll pass at least one Starbucks, if not more. And the same is true for most cities outside of the United States. The Starbucks empire has grown to 6,000 U. S. outlets and about 2,500 international locations. For some consumers, Starbucks is an obsession, and they just can’t begin their day without their cup of Starbucks coffee! In addition, while years ago people used to hang out at the corner candy store, today many people spend considerable time at their local Starbucks.

They drink coffee, tea, and/or other specialty beverages, they bring their laptop and wirelessly connect to the Internet, they meet friends to chat, or they meet business associates to make deals. Is there anyone in America, at least old enough to be in kindergarten, who doesn’t know what Starbucks is? Questions Since everybody knows Starbucks, answer the following questions in the Indian context. For example, against question 1 below view the person as an India; and in response to question 4, identify an Indian celebrity.

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Coffee and Starbucks Essay
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Some search on the internet about Starbucks and what its brand imagery stands for would help you with your answers. 1. If Starbucks was a person, describe the person in terms of demographics, personality, and lifestyle characteristics 2. If Starbucks was an animal, which animal would it be, and why? 3. If Starbucks was a color, which color would it be, and why? 4. If Starbucks was a celebrity (e. g. , a sports figure, a movie or TV star), which celebrity would it be, and why? And why was your choice male or female?


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