Cognizant Delivery Model Essay


Cognizant is taking With 50 planetary bringing centres and about over 64,000 associates, aware combine a alone onsite/offshore bringing theoretical account infused by a distinguishable civilization of client satisfaction. A member of the NASDAQ-100 Index and S & A ; P 500 Index, Cognizant is a Forbes Global 2000 company and a member of the Fortune 1000 and is ranked among the top information engineering companies in Business Week ‘s, Hot Growth and Top 50 Performers listings. Cognizant is the innovator in Offshore Outsourcing. They bring their clients the economic advantages, with the industry experience and the local expertness. Today, Cognizant ‘s clients are profiting from 4th Generation services. Operating as their engineering spouse, Cognizant provides the expertness to assist Cognizant ‘s clients recognize their aims. 4th Generation Offshore Outsourcing provides seamless integrating between the client and Cognizant.

Cognizant go far beyond the established onsite/offshore theoretical account by offering in-depth local consulting presence, onsite squads focused on the client ‘s concern applications, and the direction deepness that spouses closely with aware clients. The concern civilization is either India-centric or entirely Aware in manner, striking the best balance of all the seaward houses. Most of aware direction squad has extended US or European experience, and understands aware clients ‘ civilization. In India, Cognizant is considered a ‘local ‘ participant with a really strong repute for excellence. Clients benefit from aware non-hierarchical, antiphonal “ can-do ” attack to concern. Cognizant has deep engineering expertness across a broad scope of competences. Technology competence and the quality of aware people are the highest-rated properties in aware Customer Satisfaction Survey. Cognizant brings a strong undertaking civilization to every battle.

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They did non get down as a staffing company, but alternatively as the development arm of Dun & A ; Bradstreet. Their development heritage has given us an border on presenting larger, complex, end-to-end undertakings. Their undertaking expertness is reflected in a strong methodological analysis and the development and usage of aware proprietary tools. They track the advancement of undertakings and plans with eCockpit, the proprietary battle direction tool that is available to all of aware clients. ECockpit provides a in writing representation of project-related position, such as productiveness, attempt, hard currency flow, and defects denseness. It besides looks at personal prosodies such as marks and single advancement.

Key Points

Cognizant ‘s resolved passion:

giving cognizant planetary reorganisation, industry intelligence and systems expertise to working with aware clients to do their concerns stronger. Cognizant is taking the market from the last few years.89 % of client ‘s rate overall aware Customer Experience as “Much Better, Better or About the Same as Competition” . Cognizant ‘s growing record in ‘07 to ’08 was astonishing. That was Employee growing was +11.4 % , Revenues with +32 % and the net income +23 % ( GAAP ) consistently nurtured Growth. Cognizant is the lone major offshore company organized around verticals and horizontals instead than merely parts and development centres. With the deep sphere expertness in cardinal verticals and large-scale horizontal solution, the extremely project-oriented house that can take complete duty for big development and integrating undertakings, and for presenting bottom line consequences from application direction.

Cognizant holding a strong path record of successfully put to deathing really big graduated table, complex, transformational development and integrating undertakings offshore. These are the sorts of undertakings that have non been traditionally considered “ off-shore ” . Cognizant has deep engineering expertness across a broad scope of competences. Technology competence and the quality of aware people are the highest-rated properties in aware Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Cognizant has a bluish bit client base with many industry leaders that cognizant are proud to spouse with and to lend to the growing of their concerns. The clients travel to extensive lengths to function as mentions and title-holders of aware growing and invention. Their client testimonies say Aware people go to extraordinary lengths to work out jobs, or merely assist out. Aware people model attracts talented, extremely motivated, client- focussed persons with a “ can-do ” attitude. Cognizant ne’er had a expiration for undertaking failure or for non-performance. This fact is reinforced by all of cognizant clients in the one-year client satisfaction study conducted by a third-party. The flexibleness, reactivity, ownership and the confidence that they will ne’er allow you down is nucleus to cognizant bringing theoretical account. Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. NASDAQ, a taking supplier of usage package development, integrating and direction services, employees are the most satisfied among Indian IT services companies. “ Cognizant has ever been committed to supplying the most interesting undertakings and the best possible preparation and calling development chances.

The quality of the people that cognizant attracts, and Cognizant ‘s superior ability to develop aware associates will stay a strong competitory border as the demand for IT professional worldwide continues to increase. ” The Info pulse acquisition allows Cognizant to better service clients in the Benelux part by adding local client spouses, industry expertness, and local linguistic communication capableness. The acquisition further strengthens Cognizant ‘s industry taking 4th coevals offshore bringing theoretical account, which has senior executives based near to clients in the US and Europe who are tightly integrated with a robust SEI CMMI Level 5 offshore capableness. “

Customers in banking and fiscal services have been among the first European companies to follow a big graduated table offshore scheme, and Info pulsation helps Cognizant further beef up its place in this perpendicular. ” “ This acquisition will assist cognizant current clients because they will acquire big graduated table offshore capablenesss every bit aware as industry particular IT services, ” which has for several old ages ‘ leveraged offshore development in Eastern Europe. “ Cognizant has a strong path record in the fiscal sector and besides values client focal point, has really high client satisfaction, and a civilization that provides an first-class balance between concern and engineering. ”


A public company has two cardinal duties to its stockholders, value creative activity and transparence. At Cognizant, transparence is indispensable to cognizant concern. Particularly in unsure times, it builds trust between a company and its stockholders. And aware believe transparence is the best manner to acknowledge long-run investing in the company. In an unsure economic system it is even more critical that aware provide you with cardinal information about aware corporate administration policies. These policies provide a frame work for the proper operation of aware company, consistent with aware stockholders ‘ best involvements and the demands of the jurisprudence. Guaranting that Cognizant ‘s fiscal consequences reasonably reflect the consequences of aware operations is of paramount importance to the company and to cognizant investors. Cognizant have made the determination to supply aware stockholders and investors extra information to clear up aware policies, procedures and controls to avoid uncertainness for stockholders and investors.

Cognizant ‘s direction has ever assumed full answerability for keeping Conformity with cognizant established fiscal accounting policies and for describing aware consequences with objectiveness and the highest grade of unity. It is critical for investors and other users of the Consolidated Financial Statements to hold assurance that the fiscal information that cognizant provide is seasonably, complete, relevant and accurate. Management is responsible for the just presentation of Cognizant ‘s Consolidated Financial Statements, prepared in conformity with by and large accepted accounting rules ( GAAP ) , and has full duty to their unity and truth. Management, with inadvertence by Cognizant ‘s Board of Directors, has established and maintains a strong ethical clime so that aware personal businesss are conducted to the highest criterions of personal and corporate behavior.

Management besides has established an effectual system of internal controls. Cognizant ‘s policies and patterns reflect corporate administration enterprises that are compliant with the listing demands NASDAQ and the corporate administration demands of Sarbanes-Oxley. Cognizant are committed to strictly and diligently exerting aware inadvertence duties, keeping the highest criterions of unity and rules of moralss, and transcending the corporate administration demands.

Degree 1 Analysis:

Cognizant ( NASDAQ: CTSH ) is a planetary information engineering services and confer withing company with central offices in Teaneck, New Jersey, United States and with important operations in Chennai, India. Cognizant has been named to the 2009 Fortune 100 Fastest-Growing Companies List for the 7th back-to-back twelvemonth. Cognizant has besides been named to the Fortune 1000 and Forbes Global 2000 lists for 2009. It has systematically ranked among the fastest turning companies including the 2009 Business hebdomad 50 list of the top-performing U.S. companies, the Business hebdomad Hottest Tech Companies 2009, and the Forbes Fast Tech 2009 list of 25 Fastest Turning Technology Companies In America. Even though it is headquartered in New Jersey, USA, most of Cognizant ‘s employees are based in India. It has offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Gurgaon, Kochi and Budapest since 2008, development centres in Shanghai, Buenos Aires and Amsterdam. Cognizant has over 64,000 employees.

Cognizant Coimbatore centre became the first company in the universe to be certified for CMMI-Level5 per the latest theoretical account. Cognizant is among the top 10 companies having H-1B visas to convey foreign workers to the United States. The company recognizes the hazard this poses to their concern theoretical account. In a November 2008 SEC 10-Q filing, the company said “ Aware hereafter success will depend on aware ability to pull and retain employees with proficient and project direction accomplishments from developing states, particularly India. The huge bulk of cognizant IT professionals in the United States and in Europe are Indian subjects. The ability of Indian subjects to work in the United States and Europe depends on their ability and aware ability to obtain the necessary visas and work licenses. ” the company has been increasing its U.S. work force.

In August 2009, the company announced programs to engage 100 people in Phoenix. Cognizant has seen year-over-year gross growing of 32 % in calendar twelvemonth 2008, from $ 2.13 billion to $ 2.81 billion ( USD ) . This growing has been realized across all the industries Cognizant serves including fiscal services, health care, retail, fabrication and logistics. After the stopping point of trading on 16 November 2006, Cognizant moved from the mid cap S & A ; P 400 to the S & A ; P 500. Aware operates in the IT services, concern procedure outsourcing and consulting spheres. Its primary rivals are Accenture, IBM, Capgemini, Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys and Wipro. Other rivals include IT services companies such as Computer Sciences Corporation, Perot Systems, Mahindra Satyam and HCL Technologies. Competitors in the Business Process Outsourcing infinite include Genpact and MphasiS ( a division of EDS )
( As of Wikipedia )

Research Findingss:

As a innovator in the field of outsourcing information engineering work to India, Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. has done famously — and so hold its stockholders. A $ 10,000 investing made in the stock in early 2001 would be worth more than $ 120,000 today. After surging another 38 % so far this twelvemonth, though, the Teaneck, N.J.-based company ‘s portions are due for a grading off. Investors would be wise to go through them by. At a shutting monetary value of $ 69.25, the stock is merchandising at 51 times its per-share net incomes over the last 12 months. That amounts to a immense premium over India-based outsourcing companies Wipro, which trades at a multiple of 37 times net incomes, and Infosys Technologies, which trades at 42 times net incomes.

In Historically, Cognizant has earned its fat premium because of its superior direction and its distinguishable theoretical account. Unlike IT outsourcing houses that are based in India, Cognizant has several thousand staff members here who work straight with U.S. clients in their offices. Those on-site staff members are backed up by an ground forces of 23,000 employees in India who develop package for clients including major Bankss, wellness attention companies, makers and retail merchants. But Cognizant ‘s on-shore/off-shore niche is under menace as more transnational consulting houses follow the company ‘s lead. In March, IBM announced it would open a new package development. ( Tom Fredrickson, New York Business, 2006 )

Degree 2 Analysis:

The Company ‘s chief services include engineering scheme consulting ; complex systems development ; enterprise package bundle execution and care ; informations repositing and concern intelligence ; application testing ; application care ; substructure direction, and vertically-oriented concern procedure outsourcing ( V-BPO ) .

The Company operates in focussed concern sections: Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing/Retail/Logistics and Other, which includes communications, media and information services and high engineering. In September 2009, the Company announced the acquisition of well all of the assets of Pepper cognizant advisers ; the IT consulting services division of Pepper cognizant consulting.

Fiscal Services During the twelvemonth ended December 31, 2008, the Company ‘s Financial Services concern section represented about 45.6 % of its entire grosss. This concern section provides services to its clients runing in the industries, such as capital markets, banking and insurance. Cognizant focuses on the demands of traders, plus direction houses, depositaries, uncluttering organisations and exchanges. The Company focuses on retail and commercial Bankss, and diversified fiscal endeavors. Aware assists these clients in such countries as consumer loaning, cards and payments, sweeping banking, hazard direction, investing direction, corporate services and retail banking. It assists with the demands of belongings and casualty insurance companies, life insurance companies, reinsurance houses and insurance agents. The Company focuses on such countries as concern acquisition, policy disposal, claims processing, direction coverage, regulative conformity and reinsurance.

In 2008, its other concern section represented about 14.2 % of its entire grosss. The Company ‘s communications industry pattern serves communications service suppliers, equipment sellers and package sellers. Some of its solutions include supply concatenation direction solutions, from pre-press to material procurance, circulation, logistics and seller direction ; concern solutions covering advertisement direction, on-line media and e-business ; workflow mechanization covering the merchandise development procedure for broadcasters ; topographic point ad purchasing systems covering bureau of record, traffic direction, post-buy analysis and fiscal direction ; digital plus direction ( DAM ) and digital rights direction ( DRM ) , and operational systems, including ad gross revenues, studio direction, outsourcing charge and payments, along with content direction and bringing. Its high engineering section is an independent package seller ( ISVs ) and on-line service supplier. ( Harmonizing to NASDAC )


Aware develops every application, aware embracing every challenge, investing in every new resource, recommendation cognizant make – is dedicated to a end: Making their clients ‘ concerns stronger by authorising them to be more antiphonal to their clients and to the competitory environment. Cognizant achieve this by concentrating on the intersection of their clients ‘ emerging demands and the acceleration of concern and technological alteration. Aware committedness to innovation maintain them focused on the hereafter and being ready at every degree to service alteration.

Cognizant Technology solutions present fiscal growing is strong. If we observe their one-year study we will happen that they operate a profitable concern. 50 % per portion have grown up for net incomes and grosss, where we can happen a major growing.


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