Coke and Pepsi Case Study Sample Essay

1. Identify the on-going issues in this instance with regard to issues direction. crisis direction. planetary concern moralss. and stakeholder direction. Rank order these in footings of their precedences for Coca-Cola and for PepsiCo.

Number 1 Priority: The major planetary concern moralss I found in this instance survey was the whole issue with inordinate H2O use in their companies every bit good as the pollution of the H2O. The book explains that H2O is really sacred in India. Even though India has some of the worse/polluted H2O in the universe. it still carries a really big significance to Indians. Merely because they have hapless sewerage. pollution. and pesticide usage. that doesn’t mean that we can merely convey an American company into India and do their H2O worse. These companies should hold done their research and found that H2O is highly sacred to them and these jobs ne’er would hold risen. That is why it is so of import for concerns to hold cultural cognition about the states they enter because something that is non of import to us may be the most of import thing to another state.

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Coke and Pepsi Case Study Sample Essay
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Number 2 Precedence: Both Coca-Cola and PepsiCo dealt with this crisis really ill this first clip. Alternatively of taking action and accepting the fact that they were in the incorrect. they choose to deny the allegations of CSE and IRC through the media. They should hold explained to their clients the job. why it happened. what they were traveling to make to repair it. and maintain their clients informed of the advancement. They did non make these stairss but instead. they conducted their ain trials within their companies and came to the decision that their drinks met demanding European criterions. The two companies besides tried to play the blasted game and explain that other companies in India had high degrees of pesticides as good.

This is non the right manner to travel about the crisis. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. needed to take duty for their actions and explicate to their clients that the issue was being taking attention of alternatively of denying it and throwing other companies under the coach. In 2006. issues were still originating but this clip the two companies responded much better to the allegations from CSE and IRC. Coca-Cola hired research workers to speak to clients to happen out what precisely the allegations were. They created a Television commercial with a celebrated Indian famous person where he told the people that the merchandise was safe and that they could travel to the company and see for themselves. Over 4. 000 clients did merely that and took a circuit of the company. This proved that they have nil to conceal which was really persuasive. Pepsi’s response was similar to Coca-Cola in which they went directly to the media every bit good. Their commercials featured the PepsiCo. president walking through a research lab. Pepsi besides increased its attempts to cut down on their H2O use.

Number 3 Priority: In footings of stakeholder direction. the company was non truly at the best involvement of their clients. They clearly were seting pesticides in their soft drinks that were over the legal sum in India. When they were accused of this. the two companies denied it and ran their ain trials within the company to “prove” that they were guiltless. They should hold allowed another topic to come in and prove their merchandises because evidently that’s a bias sentiment. This besides shows that at first they were non seeking to make anything to better their company. They merely wanted to make what was best for them which was sell their merchandise and do more money. They did non care about the pesticides or the sacred H2O they were overdriving and fouling. If any concern wants to be successful they need to set their clients foremost and their company second.

Number 4 Priority: The issue direction that began to originate with Coca-Cola and Pepsi in 2003 is that it is highly hard to travel into another state and sell a merchandise. Every state and civilization is different across the World and non all merchandises can be sold the same manner in the United States as they are in India. They were continuously being bashed by CSE for selling these soft drink drinks that had perilously high degrees of pesticide residue in them that were 24 times higher than the maximal allowed by the Indian authorities. They claimed that these high degrees of pesticide can do malignant neoplastic disease every bit good as birth defects and besides harm nervous and immune systems if consumed over long periods of clip. The IRC besides accused these two companies of over devouring scarce H2O every bit good as fouling the groundwater and dirt. This resulted in Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. being forced to set warning labels on their merchandises which in bend decreased their gross revenues for the following several old ages.

2. Measure the corporate societal duty ( CSR ) of Coke and Pepsi in India.
The economic duties of a company are one of the two things that are required by society from a concern. This is fundamentally the societal duties companies should stay by. Neither Coke nor Pepsi were worried about their societal duties when they enter India. Either they did non make their research about the civilization or they merely didn’t attention. It made both companies look atrocious and like they did non care about anyone but themselves. Like discussed early. H2O is a really sacred resource to Indians and by these two companies utilizing it overly while fouling the H2O and dirt it merely showed they had small regard for their civilization.

The 2nd duty that is required by society from a concern is legal issues. The obliviously trades with follows all the Torahs and ordinances within the state you are in. Clearly Coke and Pepsi where non following through with this either. As discussed in the book. their pesticide degrees were perilously high by 24 times the maximal pesticides allowed by the Indian authorities. These companies were besides fouling the H2O and dirt as good which in bend were fouling the harvests and nutrient being grown by husbandmans since the companies were selling their solid waste as fertiliser to husbandmans.

The 3rd duty is moralss and this is merely expected by society. This deals with avoiding questionable patterns and companies should run above the lower limit. I think the major job that Coca-Cola and Pepsi had here is that they felt like they were non making anything incorrect. When they were being accused the first clip. they wholly denied in and ran their ain trial to seek and turn out their inexperienced persons. At this point. they knew that H2O was a sacred beginning and they should hold been making everything they could to derive their clients back. They should hold been apologising every bit good as explains ways in which they were traveling to cut back on H2O use and pollution.

The concluding duty in the CSR theoretical account is philanthropic. The chief point is to be a good corporate citizen and give back to the community. Neither of the two concern were making anything at all with this duty. They need to acquire more involved in the community so that they can construct a relationship with their clients every bit good as build trust. They could hold done something like have a “green” event and have people bring reclaimable merchandises to extinguish waste and pollution. Any type of event to acquire the community involved with the community helps to construct that trust.

6. What should the companies have done otherwise in 2003 to turn to the H2O allegations? What should the company now do as it moves frontward? There a quite a few things both Coke and Pepsi could hold done otherwise to turn to the H2O allegations in 2003. For starting motors. alternatively of denying the allegations the companies should hold taken duty for their actions and accepted the fact that they were utilizing the H2O overly every bit good as fouling it. When holding a company. no affair what the job is your clients are ever right. If you can non delight your clients so you can non hold a concern. After they had admitted to being in the incorrect. the two companies should hold so explained to their clients. CSE. and IRC precisely their program of action.

They should hold done this publicly so that all the clients are able to here and see what was traveling on. They would foremost apologise for the error so explain that they are taking action by cut downing their use of H2O in the workss. non fouling the H2O and dirt. and non selling solid waste as fertiliser. This is non it. they besides need to follow up with their clients on their advancement from clip to clip to demo them that they truly are taking action and it is working. Without a follow up. a company can non construct up that trust with their clients. It is highly of import for them to see the advancement for themselves to cognize that the company attentions and is taking action.

Now that the companies have taken action in 2006 and have explained that they cut back on H2O use in workss and pollution they need to go on with these actions every bit good as show their clients. They should still be pass oning with their clients and demoing them precisely how much they have cut back on their H2O use and pollution. When clients can really see the Numberss. it proves a batch more. Pepsi is really garnering rainwater from lakes. pools. and on rooftops to cut back on use. This clearly shows how they are taking action and it besides shows that their clients mean more to them than the company. There are still issues that need to be fixed within both companies but if they continue to take these stairss of action so they can go on to construct their relationship back up with their clients.

7. What lessons does this instance nowadays for MNCs making concern in the planetary market place?
I think the chief lesson that this instance presents for MNCs making concern in the planetary market place is that companies NEED to make research about the state they are come ining before merely opening up a concern. Like in this instance. H2O has a significance significance to Indians even though they have some of the worst H2O in the universe in India. There are other concerns in India that pollute the H2O that does non do it okay for Coke and Pepsi to make so when they know better. I guarantee that if they were in the United States and H2O was a immense significance here. they would alter their ways much faster than they did in India. Different civilizations have different things that are of import to them so when going to another company whether to make concern or merely going. everyone should make a small research and acquire some background history of their state and what’s of import to them.

Another lesson that can be learned from this issue is crisis direction. Neither Pepsi nor Coke has any thought what they were making when it came to this crisis. The lone thing they knew how to make was deny all the allegations. They clearly did non work because they lost many clients which lead to a lessening in gross revenues every bit good as broken client relationships. Indians lost a batch of trust in these two companies. All companies. no affair where they are located. should hold a crisis direction program ready at all times because you ne’er know when a crisis may go on but you must ever be prepared. Neither of these companies were prepared and look what happened. The 2nd clip around in 2006. the companies were much better prepared for these allegations and in bend responded better. Both companies changed their ways and showed their clients precisely what they were making to better themselves. This build a better relationship with their clients and their gross revenues have really increased in India.

The concluding lesson I think that can be learned here is the fact the neither company was truly that involved in the community. They were non populating up to their philanthropic duties at all. I think it is of import for any concern to acquire involved because it shows clients that you care about the community and you want to assist to do it better. It seemed like all these two companies cared about were themselves and they didn’t attention that they were continuously do the community worse. They needed to make more within the community to demo their concern. Geting involved besides helps to develop a positive relationship between clients and companies. I feel like if Pepsi and Coke would hold gotten involved from the get downing many of these allegations and issues ne’er would hold risen because they would hold known a batch more about the people. civilization. and community.


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