Collaboration: Education and Personal Responsibility Essay

University of Phoenix Material Collaboration Worksheet Write a 100- to 1 50-word response to each of the following questions: What are the advantages of having diversity in a collaborative learning environment? The advantages of having diversity in a learning environment are enormous, especially here in the United States of America. America is considered a free world. This principle has created a highly diverse society. There are a variety of different people living here. There are ethnic and cultural communities all over the united

States who are preserving their heritage as they join and unite with other cultures. Whether you decided to enroll into a four year university or your local community college, you will be visible to new opportunities, a deeper sense of understanding and an enhancement In higher learning. College level learning will give you an open- minded perspective on diversity. Although a diverse atmosphere can be difficult at time, it will intensify your educational experiences, personal growth and development. Being a part off University will expose you to multiculturalism.

In a driven multiculturalism learning environment, you will have the advantages of Interacting with students and professors of diverse social groups, religious groups. Races, attitudes, ethnicities and opinions. Having a campus where there are people of diversity gives you a wide range of deferent backgrounds, upbringing, values and set of Judgments. Having teachers of diversity gives you a reinforcement of different backgrounds, which will Intensify your learning ability. So yes, diversity definitely gives you learning advantages. How might factors such as diversity. Attitude, learning, and work styles affect collaboration? The following factors play a major role in collaborations: diversity, attitude, learning, and work styles. When working In a group, you encounter different personalities. It is extremely important to understand how each person works and how to deal with these different personalities. When attending the University of Phoenix, you come across many students won snare Deterrent Deletes Ana values. Wendell you may not agree on all topics, the most logical thing to do is respect each other.

Everyone’s learning style and work style is also different. When first forming the group, it may be a good idea to let each person take a turn and tell a little about themselves. This will give the group an idea on how to deal with each person and what to look forward to when starting their project. The more time you have when working in a group, the more successful your group project can be. This will allow you to complete your part of the assignment and allow your fellow group members to critique and provide positive feedback.

This is a recipe for better group camaraderie and more than likely, a higher grade. How does personal responsibility influence the work and success of a group? Personal responsibility influences the work and success off group. If you are naturally a slacker, others will know and would want to take over. In some cases, you will find that if one or two people do not take responsibility for their share of the Rockford the other members are forced to take action so the group will not fail.

This may lead to resentment and bad feelings, and could affect the communication and ultimately the success of the group (“Ask”, 2013). Personal responsibility is very important within a group. When working on group assignments, everyone should be held accountable for their share of the work. Reference: Ask. (2013). Retrieved from http://www. Ask. Com/answers/80878661 [how- does-personal-responsibility-influence-the-work-and-success-of-a-group

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