Collaboration Essay

Communication and collaboration is very important when working in teams. When everyone in the team doesn’t work together to meet a specific goal, the team will not succeed. Everyone in the team must understand that they all are not the same, nor have the same opinions, feelings, learning styles, or personalities. Interpersonal, intrapersonal, and musical are the three learning style that best fit me according to my assessments. Having both interpersonal and intrapersonal learning styles, I am able to work with people of all different learning styles.

Interpersonal learning means the ability to feel what others feel when they make points, noticing what their moods made be that particular day, and feelings. The interpersonal learner works great with mostly everyone in the group and likes to be the leader and taking charge. The strategy of communication for an interpersonal learner would be to see from others feelings and points. An Interpersonal individual can distinguish everyone’s points and keeps a relationship with everyone in the group.

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The intrapersonal learner evaluates their own thinking and can be difficult to work with because he or she tend to stay to themselves and at times are not willing to open up until really asked or forced to do so for the discussion. The interpersonal learner creates a comprehensive understanding of misunderstanding within the group. The intrapersonal learner works better in his or her own personal space and would probably keep their material in a journal or private folder until time to present what he or she had recorded.

Finally, the musical learner is a good listener and also memorizes by blocking everything out and really paying close attention to what he or she is listening to. I love to dance and always could keep up with any music I hear, so being a musical learner makes me a good listener. In a group setting, I could make different rhythms out of words or even create a rap out of the material that my team might be studying.

A giver, organizer, and thinker are the three personality styles that best fit me. A giver is one that expresses their thoughts and feelings clearly and honestly. A giver also finds resolutions to anything that may go wrong when working in teams. A great strategy for a giver is to express their thoughts when asked and then sit a wait until everyone has given their opinions, so that they will not give to much information to the point that they are leading out of the topic given.

The organizer is very important to teamwork. A great strategy for the organizer would be to jot down plans, input from each team member, mainly anything that’s going to be needed for completion of the task given. After all the information is presented, the organizer will be the one who puts everything together and when work on corrections such as grammar, punctuations, or anything needed for the team to meet that goal that was set at the start of the task.

Finally, the thinker is an asset to any team. A thinker’s personality strategy would be to brainstorm and research on the given topic. Thinkers rather use the problem solving process in favor of reaching a solution to the problems of the team. All of the above learning and personality styles are very essential for teamwork. Combining all of these learning styles and personality styles will make a team become successful.


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