Collage Education Sample Essay

Collage EducationAccording to a study documented by the College Board in 2004 it states: “Education Pays. ” College instruction is of import to me because instruction wages. Education beyond the secondary degree is regarded as college instruction. A college instruction is a one time in a life-time chance for an person to larn and see new things mundane. I am soon the Marketing Officer at O. D. Brisbane & A ; Sons ( Trading ) Ltd in St Kitts and have been in this place for 11 old ages. There are a figure of grounds why montage instruction is of import to me. A college instruction will enable me to beef up my accomplishments. recognize dreams and set ends and besides to go a function theoretical account for my household members.

First. I see the importance of a college instruction as beef uping my accomplishments in this progressively competitory occupation market. Presently in the Caribbean. one of the aims of The Caricom Single Market and Economy ( CSME ) is to ease the free motion of skilled individuals from one state to another. Hence. the promotion of my instruction will supply me with the necessary accomplishments. cognition and expertness to procure my occupation place within this competitory work environment. Additionally it will fix me for other occupation chances which might necessitate traveling from one member province to another. There will be a much greater chance for obtaining and retaining my occupation with a college instruction.

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Collage Education Sample Essay
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Second. a college instruction will enable me to recognize my dreams and set ends. My present place as Marketing Officer is the highest degree which I can achieve without holding a college instruction. Therefore. obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing will decidedly help me in being promoted as Marketing Manager or Marketing Director. Normally when 1 is promoted he or she receives an addition in salary. Therefore. a salary addition will enable me to obtain a higher and improved criterion of life. A college instruction will besides enable me to put and accomplish ends in a timely mode which gives a personal sense of achievement.

Finally. a college instruction will assist me to go a function theoretical account. Gaining my grade will promote other household member excessively want to prosecute their grade as good. It demonstrates the character of a good leader and will put an illustration for my kids to obtain their grade. Additionally. deriving a college instruction will act upon my co-workers at work to prosecute a higher degree of instruction.

Based on the grounds explained above. it is apparent that a College instruction is necessary for any single to achieve in order to stand out in this present planetary economic system. Hence I am looking forward to obtaining all the benefits outlined above.


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