College Education Essay

College Education It’s Important to get a college education not only to be successful In the future but also to think for yourself and gain freedom through education, we can accomplish this by being educated liberally. Like Croon, I think “a liberal education Is about gaining the power and wisdom, the generosity and the freedom to connect” (Croon; paragraph 18) to the real world. Finding a purpose to attend college should go beyond college itself, you should be motivated to learn something you have a passion for and will actually use and apply It to the world. Truly educated people love learning, but they love wisdom ore” (Croon Para 15). When learning you are Just recycling information that the educators teach you just like Firer’s “banking system” but wisdom is what you Incorporate to the “real world” and it is what is most valued than Just being educated and not apply what you learned with other things. In my opinion liberal thinkers or people who are liberally educated want to be able to progress In life and not Just do what they are told to do.

They want to be able to think for themselves and come up with their own ideas. Liberal educated people want to “leave the world a better place than they had found it” (Croon Para 17). It takes wisdom and education to leave the world a better place than how It was before because It’s not an easy thing to do In a life time. Liberalizes want to progress no Just to benefit them but to benefit everyone else as well and I think they can accomplish this by using their wisdom and their college education.

The way I see the banking system Is that the educators are selfish because they only teach to their own convenience and they don’t let the receivers think for themselves. The receivers then don’t make any progress in life due to the fact that they are so used to just following he rules that are given to them by the educators. Liberal education is not like that. “Liberally educated people understand they belong to a community-and help that community flourish by making the success of others possible” (Croon Para 18).

Liberalizes want to succeed and want to see others succeed as well. “Liberal education must be that the freedom of the individual is possible only in a free community’ (Croon Para 8). When having the freedom you can think for yourself and not have others think for you Like in a banking system and I personally think as ell as Croon explains that the only possible way to be gain freedom is by being liberally educated that way you learn to think for yourself and be able to be part of a free community.

What Is the whole point of going to college and get an education and when you graduate you will have no Idea how to apply It or connect It to the real world. “Being an educated person means being able to see connections that allow one to make sense of the world and act within it in creative ways” (Croon Para 19). What’s the whole point of paying so much money for a college education if at the end you wont now how to apply what you learned In college In the real world?

If you don’t know how to apply things learned in college to the real world then you won’t be successful in the future and you practically gained no power or wisdom throughout your whole college education. Being educated can help you succeed in life and in the future if you know how to apply everything you learned in college to the real world once you graduate and help you and others succeed in your community and the real world. By being liberal educated can help you not only succeed in life but it can also help you gain freedom.

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