College Education Essay

During the recession in 2007 (Great Recession), people lost their homes, Jobs, the rate of unemployment increased dramatically and the prices of college Increased steadily. The State of California unemployment benefits offered paid vocational training In college courses to those that qualified and jobs were no longer in existence. Some even applied for scholarships and government grants to help pay for college tuitions or they worked at minimum wage jobs to pay their way through or their parents paid for college.

From 1994 to 2014 there were many changes for a higher education, auction costs, housing, transportation, and registrations from students coming from other countries. Even though unemployment continued to Increase during 1994 to 2014, college education continues to be valued by many people. In an article published in 1994, according to author James J. Transuded, “Nationwide the money invested in a college education results in one of the highest returns of any investment a student or family can make” (Transuded).

Author Transuded, compares a student with a college degree Is valued more than a student that Is a high school graduate. Also, author Transuded states that a person with a college education, the person’s life long earnings will increase. Consequently, according to author Richard Perez-Penn, “College enrollment fell 2 percent in 2012-2013, the first significant decline since the sass’s, but nearly all of that drop hit for-profit and community colleges; now, signs point to 2013-2014 being the year when traditional four-year, nonprofit colleges begin a contraction that will last for several years” (Perez-Penn).

With the economy recovering there are many people that are leaving college to return to work (Perez- Penn). But this has not stopped the rising costs of tuitions and other college fees. Tuition was much lower in 1994, but up until 2014 it rose dramatically. According to author Transuded, “people depended on a ‘pay as you go’ approach to higher education” (Transuded). During the asses, students were able to register in college courses and not pay until they completed their courses.

Whereas, in 2014 a student must pay their college tuition and fees within 10 days of registering or the student would be dropped from the class (Modesto Junior College). According to author Perez-Penn, “Colleges fear that their high prices and the concern over rising student debt are turning people away; President Obama again challenged them to rein in tuition increases” (Perez-Penn). In 1994, according to author Transuded, tuitions in public colleges range from $8,000 to $12,000; compared to private colleges ranging from $1 5,000 to $25,000.

In 2013-2014, a survey conducted by College Board, public colleges’ tuitions increased to $22,826; whereas, private colleges’ tuitions increased to $44,750 (collegiate. Com). Yet, the student has other costs Incurred of books and school supplies. In 2013-2014, according to the College Board, public colleges’ costs for books and supplies averaged at $1 ,207; compared to the costs for private colleges of $1,253 (collegiate. Com). Currently Modesto Junior College’s tuition is $45 per unit, so depending on the units the student takes it can add up.

Not only must the student worry about tuition costs, but what about housing? Even the housing costs have Increase over the years. The student must make a calicles on winner to level; live away Trot college Witt parents, rent an apartment or studio, or live on campus. Those students that live with their parents are fortunate hat they can continue to live with their parents until they complete their education. But for those students that aren’t so lucky, must pay for an apartment or studio to live off campus or on campus.

In 1993-1994, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average costs for room and board on campus ranges from $3,050 to $3,146 (U. S. Department of Education). In 2013-2014, The college Board reports average costs for room and board on campus at public colleges range from $9,500, compared to private colleges ranging from $10,830 (collegiate. Com). In the Modesto Bee a one bedroom, one bath apartment monthly rent ranges from $595; whereas, a two bedroom apartment monthly rent ranges from $725 (Modesto. Com).

Moreover, the student could rent a two bedroom apartment with one or two baths and find a reliable roommate to help pay the shelter and utility expenses. Besides housing, the student does need reliable transportation. Most public transportations should be reliable. The public transit bus does take time to get to your destination, so for school or shopping it could take hours to get from point A to point B. Also, the average cost ranges about $1 each way. But a taxi may charge by the mile or a flat fee, being more out of pocket expense. Of course, walking or riding a bike is free!

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