Comic Conventions in Educating Rita Sample Essay

The 1980’s drama Educating Rita by Willy Russel shows many of the chief characteristics of comedy.

It involves two different societies colliding. for illustration. Rita. a hairstylist who comes from a working category household and is married to Denny whose purpose in life is to hold a babe. wants to acquire educated. She meets Frank. her coach in the unfastened University who comes from an upper category household.

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Comic Conventions in Educating Rita Sample Essay
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In the beginning. Rita appears to be the typical on the job category adult females. She is uneducated. speaks in a strong idiom and barely knows any literature. In contrast to that. Frank appears to be really typical as good. for his category. He speaks proper Oxford English and has a wide cognition of the literature and is really good educated. But subsequently in the drama. the reader learns. that both Frank and Rita are non stereotypes of their category. Rita is really cagey and knows what she wants from life and that she wouldn’t give up contending for what she wants. while Frank is somewhat depressed. has a imbibing job. jobs with his spouse and is disappointed of life.

He seems to be superior in the beginning. but throughout the drama. Rita seems to learn him new ways and new positions. He is impressed and likes her naivety and her honorable manner.

The drama besides includes tragic elements. like Rita’s want to belong someplace. even if she feels she doesn’t tantrum in. neither in the upper category. because of her deficiency of instruction. nor in the on the job category. because she wants to ‘sing another song’ as she says. She’s torn between her household. her hubby and the life predicted for her and her ‘new life’ with Frank. she desires to populate. The relationship between Rita and Frank besides is rather tragic. because both feel fondness for each other. but are unable to demo them. Frank feels unattended by Rita. when she stops stating him every item of her life. And the reader ne’er gets to cognize. whether their relationship develops any farther. since he gets direct off in the terminal. Another tragic point is Frank’s imbibing job. which besides leads to funny

The drama is set in a safe infinite. Frank’s office. where Rita and Frank can speak about everything. without believing about the effects.

It makes the readers change the manner they think about life. because it shows that non everybody can be judged by their societal category. occupation or looking.

I would see Educating Rita a typical comedy. Russel uses many of the typical amusing conventions and the comedy decidedly makes the reader laugh.


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