Company Comparison Paper Essay

Mary Jones Shekena Smith Jane Manasa Jonjalena Williams Alfred Campbell Kimberly Ramsawak MGT 350 3/7/2010 The Decision process varies throughout each organization; many find alternative ways to make decisions compared to many other corporations. The majority feel that rational decision making will get them far, while others are intuitive with how the company will incorporate ideas from their employees. This will be a step to be reckoned with since many companies are particular on how their business should be run.

Since times are changing companies have shown how open they are towards the employees and how they incorporate their own ideas. Internal Revenue Service In my organization there are many different types of decisions that have many different styles of processes. They vary for each department throughout the IRS. I will discuss the ones used the most in my department. These are scientific and the process of elimination. In customer service we use tools on the computer to aid in our jobs. With these tools in place they enable us to assist tax payers with their problems in a timely manner.

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We must keep the tax payer on the phone until their problem is resolved. There are currently five service centers across the country and each had their own tool in place each was different but all accomplished the same job. Congress decided there should be one universal tool for all this is the hypothesis. They took the best of each tool and made one this is the using this tool and giving feedback is the experiment. Seeing how the tool works is the observation. We still have not got to the verification as the tool does not work very well. The decision process I use the most is the process of elimination.

When a tax payer has a problem we use our manuals to resolve the issue. The manuals are written in a chart form they say if this is happening, then you do this so we have to eliminate each possible solution until we meet the requirements for the solution. I do not like the process of elimination it is very time consuming and the answers are sometimes very vague. I prefer the logical rational approach it is more direct and goes to the root cause of the problem. With this you can use brainstorming involving input from the team and we can use our critical thinking and reasoning skills to find answers to a problem.

It also easier to persuade stakeholders to go along with your solutions as you can back up your solutions with facts. Southern Maryland Tri-Community Action Community Action Committee, Inc The organization that I chose to observe and investigate is my past place of employment. The name of the organization is called Southern Maryland Tri-County Community Action Committee, Inc. This organization focuses mainly on being very active in the community and being involved in the lives of the families in the community. The way that this organization handles making decisions is basically through a group setting.

This organization makes decisions in a group setting when it comes to new hires of a department, the head-start program, and terminating employees. The organization tends to seek out the problem by word of mouth, basically through an employee of a certain department and then the CEO will have all of the department heads to gather information based on any incidents and call a meeting to review it and come up with an idea on how to handle this problem and make sure that everyone knows what they are to do in handling their parts.

Group decisions are made by the CEO of the company and then the particular department heads that may be affected by the decision have to actually inform the person or person who will be affected by the decision, also known as the stakeholder. Compare and Contrast To compare the organization that I have chosen with the IRS organization, the IRS uses The scientific method and process of elimination to make their decisions while the Southern Maryland Tri-County Community Action Committee, Inc (SMTCCAC) uses the rational and facts method to base their decisions on.

The IRS’s process of elimination method is very time consuming and vague, however, the SMTCCAC’s method of rational thinking and using facts is more precise and they seem to have more information to base their decisions on which can and will affect the stakeholder as well as the company. Also, with the IRS’s decision making methods the team is sometimes required for assisting in the decision making process, in turn, the SMTCCAC always uses the group setting to make and carry out the decision for the company and the employees.

Versatrim Inc The company I work for is privately owned and we manufacture our own products. Since we are so small we only have a few people within the office and many people between the two warehouses we have. The main decision-making process we use is intuitive. The manager makes decisions based on the issue and at times by her biased opinion. There are two owners and they listening to what the manager decisions are and most times they go along with them and then at other times they are against them.

Usually, within in our company the decisions made about the company that are intuitive backfire often. When the split second decision is made about an issue that a customer was or is having the results end good because we kept a loyal company and they know we are doing our best to satisfy their needs at all costs. However, when decisions are made inside the company that affects the workers then those decisions most always backfire. I believe the decisions are made to suit the needs of the superiors instead of the ones actually doing the work.

The only time rational thinking is used in our company is when there is a big business deal coming up and the owners want to show the best that they can offer. I would suggest that rational thinking be used inside the company also because there are times when decisions are made and the back office is informed and the front office is not. Since the front office is customer service and we speak to the customers first and most often then I think we should always know what is going on.

The back office is the sales department and yes they should be informed as well but we are more hands on with their customers and need to be just as informed. Advance America Payday Loan/Compare and Contrast The organization where I am employed uses logical, scientific, and decisive decision making styles. In this company the decisions are made by the CEO and Board of Directors. They collect information making sure the contents will be a good decision for the benefit of the company and employees.

The paper work is constantly changing because of the laws for payday loan. There are departments that deal with just the legal side of the company, which is the foundation of the company because it keeps the company within the law that is made to protect the company and consumers. For instance, the state database system put in place by the State of South Carolina and many other states will help to eliminate customers from using so many payday loan companies which only leaves them in a situation where they cannot overcome.

The laws put in to effect by the state database system are so strict that there is much need for a legal department that keep the company safe from flaws that can easily shut the business down.. This company uses the same technique that is used in the IRS. The process of elimination in this company seems to be slowly destroying the payday loan companies. My company uses the decision making styles similar to the Southern Maryland Tri-County Community Action Committee, In.

The CEO is the one to make the decisions about the changes in the company and the decisions are given to the RDO, who gives it to lower management to implement the decisions. The overall look into different flow of the particular have shown some different tasks at hand in each one. Each company has shown where they are similar I certain aspects, while others are shown how different they are. This has been a great transition in the past years from rational to intuitive, has proved that upper management has placed more reliability into their employees. This has shown some great change that will only have more to come in the near future.


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