Company of Gloria Jeans Cabanatuan Essay

COMPANY PROFILE Name of coffee shop: GLORIA JEAN’S Location: N. E Pacific Mall, Maharlika highway Cabanatuan City Nueva Ecija Owner: Mr. Rodrigo E. Franco Contact person: 09239670655(BARISTA) Kuya Benedict Gonzales Company number: 940-1300 Website: www. gloriajeanscoffee. com. ph Form of ownership: Sole Proprietorship Registration with: Mr. Rodrigo E. Franco Mayor’s permit BIR -134-493-098-007DIT- 00533463 SEC- Vission Gloria Jean’s Coffees will be the most loved and respected coffee company worldwide Mission

Gloria Jean’s Coffees is committed to building a unified family, consistently serving the highest quality coffee and providing outstanding personalized service in a vibrant store atmosphere. Values * Partnership based on Integrity and Trust * Commitment to Excellence and Innovation * A Culture of Joy and Passion * Belief in People, Building and Changing Lives Numbers of employees and postion: supervisior Glenda enriquez Pacifico merador jr. BaristaChiller champ -benidic gonzales -Kate anteza Coffee agentSecurity guard -Abi galnena -Robert francisco Existing customers/patrons: Architech danny * Dr. reny history of GLORIA JEAN’S Gloria Jean’s Coffees has started its commercial life as a small coffee and gift shop in Chicago U. S. A. in 1979. From that moment on Gloria Jean’s Coffees has expanded as a gourmet coffee and specialty drinks company over the years. In 1986 in order to satisfy the growing demand Gloria Jean’s started to franchise to third parties. In the 80’s Gloria Jean’s Coffees has been sold to Deidrich Coffees Corporation. Diedrich Coffees Corporation has contributed a lot to turn Gloria Jean’s into an International Franchising Company.

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Company of Gloria Jeans Cabanatuan Essay
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In February 2005 its most powerful Franchisee from Australia has purchased the brand. Today, Gloria Jean’s Coffees has become one of the leading specialty coffee traders and processors. Gloria Jean’s purchases only two percent of the top quality Arabica coffee beans, harvested in the whole world. Roasting and flavoring processes are carried out in Australia with the latest technologies. Today Gloria Jean’s Coffees carries out its operations in over 35 countries, including Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Ireland, Japan, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, and Romania. wards and recognition received none beacause I open this coffee hop last year Trainings/ satff development provided CofF ee university in laguna -world of coffee -barista -chiller champ -coffee agent Products/ service offered: chiller Chocolate chocolate cookies and Chiller macadamia nut cream ESPRESSO Cuppuccino mocha irish nut CARAMEL creme Products/ service offered: smoothies manngo strawberry mix berry FOODS


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