Company Profile Of Religare Securities Ltd Commerce Essay

RELIGARE Securities Ltd. ( RSL ) is a entirely owned subordinate of RELIGARE Financial Services Ltd. ( RFSL ) , a Company promoted by the late Dr. Parvinder Singh, Ex-CMD of Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.

As on day of the month the Company is empanelled with UTI, IDBI, IFCI, SBI, BOI-MF, Punjab National Bank, PNB-MF, Oriental Insurance, GIC, UTI-Offshore, ICICI Can bank MF, Punjab & A ; Sind Bank, Pioneer ITI, SUN F & A ; C, IDBI Principal, Prudential ICICI, ING Baring and J M Mutual Fund.

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Company Profile Of Religare Securities Ltd Commerce Essay
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RELIGARE was founded with the vision of supplying integrated fiscal attention Driven by the relationship of trust. The corsage of services offered by RELIGARE includes Broking ( Stocks and Commodities ) , Depository Participant Service, Advisory on Mutual Fund Investments and Portfolio Management Services.

RELIGARE is a innovator in the construct of partnership to make multiple locations in order to efficaciously serve its big base of single clients. Besides the range of RELIGARE, the clients of the company greatly benefit by its strong research capableness, which encompasses basicss every bit good as proficient cognition.


RELIGARE in recent old ages has expanded its range in wellness attention and fiscal services wherein it has multiple forte infirmary and labs. Which Provide wellness attention services and multiple fiscal services such as secondary Market equity services, portfolio direction services, depositary services etc.

RELIGARE fiscal services group comprises of Religare Securities Limited, RELIGARE Comdex Limited and RELIGARE Finvest Limited which provide services in Equity, Commodity and Financial Services concern & A ; Religare Insurance Advisory Ltd.

Quality policy:

To accomplish and retain leading, Adroit shall take for complete client satisfaction, by uniting its homo and technological resources, to supply superior quality fiscal services.

Quality Aims

As per the Quality Policy:

Build in-house processes that will guarantee transparent and harmonious relationships with its clients and investors to supply high quality of services.

Establish a spouse relationship with its investor service agents and sellers that will assist in maintaining up its committednesss to the clients.

Provide high quality of work life for all its employees and fit them with equal cognition & A ; accomplishments so as to react to client ‘s demands.

Continue to continue the values of honestness & A ; unity and strive to set up alone criterions in concern moralss.

Use state-of-the art information engineering in developing new and advanced fiscal merchandises and services to run into the altering demands of investors and clients.

Strive to be a dependable beginning of value-added fiscal merchandises and services and Constantly guide the persons and establishments in doing a wise pick of Same.

Strive to maintain all stake-holders ( stockholders, clients, investors, employees, providers and regulative governments ) proud and satisfied.

Undertake an rating of the constituent parts of a strategic program

Sol: The rating of the constituent parts of a strategic program are:

Vision: To construct Religare as a globally trusted trade name in the fiscal services sphere and present it as the ‘Investment Gateway of India ‘ .

Mission: Providing complete fiscal attention driven by the nucleus values of diligence and transparence.

Brand Essence: Core trade name kernel is Diligence and Religare is driven by ethical and dynamic procedures for wealth creative activity.

Our Brand Identity:


Religare is a Latin word that translates as ‘to bind together ‘ . This name has been chosen to reflect the incorporate nature of the fiscal services the company offers.


The Religare name is paired with the symbol of a four-leaf trefoil. Traditionally, it is considered good luck to happen a four-leaf trefoil as there is merely one four-leaf trefoil for every 10,000 three-leaf trefoils found.

For us, each foliage of the trefoil has a particular significance. It is a symbol of Hope. Trust. Care. Good Fortune.

For the universe, it is the symbol of Religare:


The first foliage of the trefoil represents Hope. The aspirations to win. The dream of going. Of new possibilities. It is the beginning of every measure and the foundation on which a individual reaches for the stars.


The 2nd foliage of the trefoil represents Trust. The ability to put one ‘s ain religion in another. To hold a relationship as spouses in a squad. To carry through a given end with the balance that brings satisfaction to all, non in the binding, but in the bond that is built.


The 3rd foliage of the trefoil represents Care. The secret ingredient that is the cement in every relationship. The truth of experiencing that underlines earnestness and the victory of diligence in every facet. From it springs true heat of service and the ability to accommodate to germinating environments with consideration to all.


The 4th and concluding foliage of the trefoil represents Good Fortune. Meaning that rare ability to meld chance and planning with circumstance to bring forth those frequently looked for compensable minutes of success.


Hope. Trust. Care. Good Fortune. All elements absolutely combine in the symbolic and rare, four-leaf trefoil to visually typify the values that bind together and organize the nucleus of the Religare vision.

Analyse the factors impacting the strategic program

Sol: The factors impacting the strategic program are:

It goes without stating that any administration is a sub system of a ace system or environment. The environment variable are classed loosely into societal, undertaking or industry and internal environment.




The Social Environment is the outer bed covering the external variable or forces viz. :



Political and legal


The Task Environment or Industry Environment is the in-between environment bed that connects the outer and the interior environment viz. :






Trade associations




Particular involvement group and authoritiess

The Internal Environment is the forces viz. :




Competitions of Religare:

There are several fiscal security companies playing their functions in Indian equity market. But Religare faces competitions from these few companies.


Share Khan ( SSKI )


India Bulls

HDFC Securities

Motital Oswal

IL & A ; FS


About Religare Securities Limited ( RSL ) :

One of the taking incorporate fiscal services groups of India

Diverse scope of offerings

Client base of more than 5000,000 and turning across the retail, wealthand Institutional Spectrum.

Pan India and planetary footmark.

Width and deepness of direction taking a formidable employee base.

Best-in-class Research.

“ Sweetly placed ” to descry new chances and power in front.

The Religare Edge:

Diverse offerings

Dynamic Management Team

State-of-the art engineering

Huge Distribution and Reach

Robust Brand Recognition

Synergistic partnerships

Advanced Initiati

LO2: Evaluate alternate schemes to run into the coveted hereafter strategic place.

Appraisal Standards

2.1 Apply a scope of strategic analysis tools to scrutinize advancement towards strategic purposes and aims


SWOT – Analysis

The SWOT Analysis is a conceptual model for a model for a systematic analysis that installations fiting the external menaces with the failing and strengths of the organisation. It has been common to propose that the suggest that the companies identify their strengths and failing, every bit good as the chances and menaces in the external environment. But what is frequently overlooked is that uniting these factors may necessitate distinguishable strategic picks. To systematise these picks the construct of ‘SWOT ‘ has been proposed: where





Simple regulations for successful SWOT analysis

The organisation should be realistic about its strengths and failings.

Analysis should separate between where the organisation is today, and where it could be in the hereafter.

Organization should be specific in its attack towards they do.

The SWOT analysis provides information that is helpful in fiting the house ‘s resources and capablenesss to the competitory environment in which it operates. As such, it is instrumental in scheme preparation and choice. The undermentioned diagram shows how a SWOT analysis fits into an environment scan.



Religare has a centralised system so that it seeks advice from the top direction.

It has a BEST Software in India.

Good corporate values are adopted to make aims.

Good support from parental Company, i.e. ( RELIGARE ENTERPRISE LIMITED ) .

Company with good diversified portfolio.

Selling: Religare has an first-class distribution channel and reaches to clients.

The financess are professionally managed and the return on investing is good.

Management is committed and confident in accomplishing their vision.


High rates of abrasion.

Many rivals.

No direct selling scheme.


Scope for enlargement of the company in new topographic points.

Attractive investing chance.

Scope for export trade and globalisation.

Scope for capturing domestic market in all securities.

New advanced techniques to serve faster to the clients.


The major menace is fierce competition.

Always fluctuation in monetary values.

Fast alteration in client penchants.

There is big figure of market hazard on investing in scrip ‘s.

2.2 Review and measure the outlooks of all stakeholders and their influence upon the organizational scheme

Sol: The outlooks of all stakeholders and their influence upon the organizational scheme are:


S. No. Name

1.Mr. Malvinder Mohan Singh

2.Mr. Shivinder Mohan Singh

3.Dr. Mrs. Sunita Naidoo

4. Mr. R.K. Shetty

5.Mr. Padam Bahl


Number of Equity Shares Held








Mr. Malvinder Mohan Singh ( Non – Executive Chairman )

Mr. Sunil Godhwani ( CEO & A ; Managing Director )

Mr. Shivinder Mohan Singh ( Non – Executive Director )

Mr. Harpal Singh ( Non – Executive Director )

Mr. Padam Bahl ( Independent Director )

Mr. J. W. Balani ( Independent Director )

Mr. Deepak Ramchand Sabnani ( Independent Director )

Dr. Mrs. Sunita Naidoo ( Independent Director )

Mr. R.K. Shetty ( Alternate Director to Mr. J.W. Balani )

Capt G.P.S. Bhalla ( Alternate Director to Mr. Deepak Ramchand Sabnani )


Member of National Stock Exchange of India and Bombay Stock Exchange of India.

Depository Participant with National Securities Depository Limited ( NSDL ) and Central Depository Services Limited ( CDSL ) .

A SEBI approved Portfolio Manager. RSL provides platform to all sections of the investor to leverage the huge chance Offered by equity puting in India either on their ain or through managed financess in Portfolio Management.

2.3 Analyse, interpret and bring forth a structured rating of the organizational strategic place

Sol: The interpret and bring forth a structured rating of the organizational strategic place are:

A model for Strategic Management, which has received significant attending of direction advisers and strategians. The models foremost appeared in “ The Art of Nipponese direction “ by Richard PASCALE and Anthony Athos in 1981.It was born at a meeting of four in 1978. The model rests on the proposition that effectual organisational alterations is best understood in footings of the multipart relationship between STRATEGY, SYSTEM, STRUCTURE, STYLE SKILLS, STAFF AND SHARED VALUES in 7-S.

The company found that pretermiting any one of 7 cardinal factors could take to doomed schemes. Each of these factors are every bit of import and interacts will all other factors. Any Numberss of fortunes may order which of the factors will be the driving force in the execution of any peculiar scheme. Stated in general footings the proposition of the 7-S Model suggests that there are multiple factors, which influence an organisation ‘s ability to alter and its proper manner of alteration. Since the variables are interconnected, important advancement can non be made in one country unless matching advancement is made in other countries excessively.


“ It is more of import to make what is strategically right than what is instantly profitable. ” It is the agencies to accomplish organisational intent. Strategy refers to determinations bearing on the hereafter of an endeavor specifying its way and range In the long tally. These determinations ideally involve fiting of resources to the altering environment and finding what the endeavor ought to be making in the old ages to come and how it should place itself to take advantage of the hereafter market chances.

Scheme is the class of actions through which organisation relates to itself with its environment so as to achieve its aims.

Company Scheme:

It was seen in the yesteryear that employees would fall in the work and would vacate after 3-6 months. This was due to increased rate of abrasion. The employees would fall in rivals after deriving experience and cognition. So in order to retain the employees company formulated a scheme. The institutional original certifications of the employees have to be deposited with the company. This is done purely to retain employee for at least 1 twelvemonth.


Structure is an extra to the organisational tool kit. It is comparable with the ace construction of an organisation, which indicates to what extent the activities are specialized, and the ways in which the organisational undertakings are integrated and coordinated. It can besides be defined as the manner in which organisation ‘s unit relates to each other.

Executive Vice Chairman & A ; Pull offing Director-

Deputy Vice Chairman-

Regional Manager-

Department Manager-









SUB- Structure:

Country caput

Pull offing manager

Joint Managing Director

Branch Manager

Front Office

Back Office



Rules, ordinances and processs constitute ‘Systems ‘in the 7-S model. System can be described as the processs, procedure, and modus operandis that characterize all the of import work is to be done. A system is an gathering of things connected or interrelated so as to organize a complete integrity ; a whole composed of parts and sub-parts in orderly agreement consequently to some strategy or program. A system is non simply the entirety of parts and sub-parts but their agreement is more of import. The whole becomes greater than the sum of single parts, because of the type of agreement made in these parts and sub-parts. Therefore, a system is an mutualist model in which assorted

parts are arranged.

Company System:

System followed is Merit evaluation system

Staff Appraisal:

It is really of import that assessment and wages systems support the types of behaviours the organisation desires from employees. Organization links compensation to existent occupation public presentation through virtue evaluation system. The size of virtue evaluation depends on the both public presentation and the employee ‘s current place in the salary scope established for that occupation.


It is another variable, which may find the effectivity of organisation alteration attempt. It tries to explicate the civilization and manner of working in an organisation. It besides explains about the behaviour and attitude of cardinal individual or director in accomplishing the Organization ‘s ends.

It is the procedure of act uponing people so that they will lend to organisation and at the same clip in accomplishing its ends.

Company Manner:

Top down


Branch director gives a mark for turnover for the twenty-four hours & A ; it is the undertaking of traders & A ; Branch Manager to accomplish it.


Staffing is the procedure of geting, developing, using, measuring, compensating, and retaining people so that right type of people are available at right places and at right clip in the organisation.

It is clear that staffing must be closely linked to forming, that is, the puting up of knowing constructions of functions and places. To be certain, this section provides valuable aid, but it is the occupation of directors to make full the places in their organisation and to maintain them filled with qualified people.


Prospecting, Enrolling Interviewing, Training, Explicating company policies, Staffing, Computation of staff planning, Evaluation & A ; describing to higher authorization.


Skill refers to distinctive competency ; which reflects the dominant accomplishments of an organisation and may dwell of competency in footings of client services, quality committednesss, market potency and so on.

Skills refer to expertness, practical ability or installation in an action or making something. It is besides the capacity of making or executing something separately, independently, or in a group so as to achieve some pre-determined ends.

Company accomplishments:

Religare has assortment of accomplishments in making its concern. The company analyses the possible market so that it can market its securities in efficient mode. The company Stock Broker is trained and provided with accomplishments to cover with clients personally to cognize their demands and wants. Company besides strives in supplying the better services. It has skilled staff which besides provides market information on a regular basis, which helps to analyze about stock markets. It besides informs and makes client cognizant of market conditions. Skills are parallel to core competences and whenever there is a displacement in the scheme, house may hold to get expertness in new accomplishments and older accomplishments.


Integrity: To carry on the concern reasonably, with honestness and transparence. Everything the company does must stand the trial of public examination.

Understanding: Must be caring, show regard, compassion and humanity towards co-workers and clients around the work, and ever work for the benefit of the communities we serve.

Excellence: Must invariably strive to accomplish the highest possible criterions in our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours work & A ; in the quality of the goods and services we provide.

Integrities: We must work cohesively with our co-workers across the Group and with our clients and spouses around the universe, constructing strong relationships based on tolerance, understanding and common cooperation.

Duty: We must go on to be responsible, sensitive to the states, communities and environment in which we work, ever guaranting that what comes from the people goes back to the people many times over.

LO3: Decide upon a scheme and place how, if required, you would warrant your choice to run into the needed hereafter strategic place.

Appraisal Standards

3.1 Identify and develop a scope of alternate strategic options to run into strategic purposes and aims

Sol: The alternate strategic options to run into strategic purposes and aims:

Religare has achieved a batch in the field of finance. Not much can be suggested in respect to the policies and rules it has. The good success rate is a clear contemplation about the company ‘s strong regulations, coupled with dedicated work put in by its employees.

The followers could assist the company to go a innovator in its field:

Religare offered IPO ‘s but found it non rather profitable. The present twelvemonth has seen a roar in equities and a big figure of IPO ‘s are being issued by a figure of companies. This could be a good section to tap with. Entry into the IPO allotment process could be rather helpful and profitable.

The company lacks promotion. A good part of the general populace is non rather cognizant of the being of such an investing house like Religare, which caters to most of the available investment instruments. The company could set about promotional activities with the general populace as the mark group. They could do cognizant of the services they render to the populace. This could pull new clients which can be transformed into a long lasting relationship. This could be put into action by holding print advertizements in documents like The Economic Times, Business Line, and Financial Express etc. Ad in CNBC-India could give a really good trade name image to the company.

The company acts as a mediatory for most of the investing options. It gives people entree to a broad assortment of common financess, Insurance schemes etc for 3rd party companies. The company can get down its ain common fund and get down puting in stocks, debts and authorities securities. It has a particular and dedicated Research Desk who is into changeless monitoring of the portion markets. It can take advantage of this and get down a separate common fund. Peoples will hold good assurance in this and the concern can besides be profitable.

3.2 Determine and warrant the strategic option that meets the revised strategic place

Sol: The strategic option that meets the revised strategic place is:

Religare Is One Of The Leading Broking Houses In The Equity Market.

Religare Has Good Success Rate As Lead Managers.

It Has Branches All Over Country.

Its Biggest Strength Is The Presence In The Field Of Finance For A Long Time.



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