Company Profile Of The Icici Bank Commerce Essay

ICICI Bank offers broad assortment of Loans Products to run into the demands of the general clients and companies. ICICI bank chief focal points at partner offing the convenience banking for their clients with networked branches/A ATMs and installation of E-channels like Internet and nomadic banking. Bank brings banking at the doorsill of their clients. If clients are looking for a personal loan that is really easy to acquire, hunt will halt here. ICICI Bank Personal Loans are easy to acquire and perfectly wrangle free. With minimal certification one can now take a loan for an sum up to Rs. 15 lacs.

The personal loan of ICICI Bank offers a perfect pick to all the fiscal demands which are generated when a individual is believing for house loan and restituting his house, purchase a new computing machine and vehicles, matrimony related disbursals or his kid ‘s higher instruction. It can be said that an ICICI Bank Personal Loan is the best option for full fill all your fiscal demands. Key benefits of ICICI Bank Personal Loan includes handiness of loan up to 15 lacs, there is no demand to security or surety, faster processing, minimal certification, attractive involvement rates, and 12 to 60 months of repayment options.Intrest rate minimal 12 % to 14 % and maximal 22 % to 24 % on personal loan Bank is giving installation “ Loan on Phone ” , you non necessitate to see at bank, if you have been runing your history for the past 9 month. ( Personal loan, ICICI Bank, 2009 ) .

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Company Profile Of The Icici Bank Commerce Essay
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Operations Department as a operation director ( Function And Contribution ) at ICICI Bank-Personal Loan Department

In the Present epoch Operation section is the most needed for the organisation. Experts say that all the organisations market ( sell ) , finance ( history ) , and bring forth ( operate ) , and it is notable to cognize how the OM activity maps. . A large portion of the organisations gross is spent on operations direction ( Heizer & A ; Render, 2008, p 4-5 ) .

Like every other service organisation, ICICI Bank personal loan is besides performs several of operations. All map can be distribute under the three caput of the section, like, operations, finance and selling. Which activities peculiarly come under operations are teller programming, cheque glade, over bill of exchange, aggregation, dealing processing, installations design and layout, vault operations, care and security. ( Heizer & A ; Render, 2008, p 34 )

As a operations director of this Bank, one will be expected to do application of all basic maps of a director i.e. planning, forming, staffing, taking and commanding, to the determinations they make in the operations direction map. As an operations director I will stress on taking determinations sing design of the service, environmental, choice confidence, procedure scheme, location scheme, layout scheme, human resources, supply concatenation direction, stock list direction, programming and care.

B.1: Customers of the company and what outlook from the ( ICICI )

All history holders are external clients ( like local clients, companies, interest holder, provider ) .

As an operation director need to understand competition ( what should we supply? ) and outlook of clients ( what would you wish? ) and need to harmonize outlook ( what would be acceptable? )

( Robert Johnston & A ; Graham Clark, pageno-83,84 )

On the other manus client expect from the bank minimal involvement rate and returns period harmonizing to the client suitable, the lowest EMI, Bank term and status should non hard for the clients, hassle free services and installation

Nigel Slack ‘s five operation

Harmonizing to Nigel Slack, there are five premises to do things good for the concern procedures while maintaining the operations scheme into consideration ( Nigel Slack, Sturat Chambers, Christine Harland, Alan Harrison, Robert Johnston, Page51-52 ) :

“ Do things right ” – the quality advantage

“ Do things fast ” – the velocity advantage

“ Do things on clip ” – the dependableness advantage

“ Change what you do ” – the flexibleness advantage

“ Do things cheaply ” – the cost advantage

In ICICI Bank ( Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India )

( Quality )

Quality means without any error you have to supply error free merchandises and services to the clients that should be fit on their demand and maintain the

client satisfaction ” ( Slack, et al 2004 ) .

Personal loan section quality is the nucleus of the organisation. For the bank their clients are non simply their beginning of gross but a portion of the organisations extended household. As respects who comes in contact with the bank, realizes that the bank gives an ambiance of place off from place.

( Speed )

“ Speed means that to cut down the clip factor between client demand and bringing of merchandises and services with full satisfaction of client ” ( Slack, et al 2004 ) .

The bank attempt to give the forthwith services to the client and makes it certain that his clients are updated with all the good information so that they can take informed determinations. The layout of the bank is designed harmonizing to the convenience and gustatory sensation of the being and prospective clients. The employees of the bank were given excess preparation and instruction so that they are in a place to reply all kinds of questions of their client, that excessively in a really soft and fond mode.


“ It means the service and goods present in clip for client to have their goods or

services precisely when they are needed or at least when they were promised ” ( Slack et al 2004 ) .

Bank give the precedence of personal loan bringing on clip harmonizing to the bank promised because if client did non receive loan on clip it means it need less for clients. ( FLEXIBILITY )

“ It means being able to alter the operation in some manner. This may intend altering

what the operation does, how it is making it, or when it is making it ” ( Slack, et al 2004 ) .

Different type of client different type of demands. ICICI bank provides the personal loan harmonizing to the client demand and outlook.

( Cost )

The bank besides takes a batch of attention and attending while make up one’s minding the rate of involvement for the loans it offers in the market. Their end is to be one of the most antiphonal loan sections. It applies all ethical criterions and regulations and ordinance while puting the bounds criterions for involvement rates. They have true and just patterns, and their operations are really crystalline. The bank besides seeks for quality from the point of position of its employees every bit good for the convenience of it employees, the personal loan section follows several sorts a batch of flow diagrams and procedure charts. This helps the employees in better apprehension of the procedure and, it helps the company to acquire rid of the unneeded duplicated stairss.

5 Transformation Process in FX

“ Transformation procedure theoretical account is a procedure that take in a set of input resources

which are so used to transform something, or are transformed themselves, into

end products of goods and services which satisfy client demands ” ( Slack, et al 2004 ) . In

Figure: ICICI Operations System

Transformation Procedure

Procedure, Boiler, Drawing, Weaving, Quality, Control, Knotting. Folding, Cuting


End product

Customers satifacton


Input signals




Orders, Staff, Facilities

( Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers, Christine Harland, Alan Harrison, Robert Johnston, Operation Management, Second edition, Page no 44 )

C portion

Bottleneck at ICICI Bank-personal loan

In the dynamic fortunes that prevail in today ‘s concern universe, companies face a batch of trouble in keeping position quo. Every company faces one or other type of constriction. At ICICI Bank -personal loan, it is observed that there is a really high abrasion rate among the gross revenues squad during the stoping months of every fiscal twelvemonth. Because of this, expenses of loans use to go really hard as good. Consequently, the companyA needed to engage a new gross revenues squad every clip to do for the employees who left. Training and development of these new recruits is another major issue. In entirety it can be said that keeping of trained and qualified gross revenues force is one large constriction and the challenge before the company. I think this job can be overcome merely if the more trust and assurance is generated among employees sing the company ‘s human resource policies ( Robert Johnston and Graham Clark, Sevice Operation Management, 3rd edition, Page no-290 )

Strategic Importance of JIT ( Just-in-Time ) , TPS and thin Operationss

“ JIT aims to run into demand outright with perfect quality and no waste ”

JIT, TPS and thin operations are doctrine of uninterrupted aids Lean operations concentrate on client desires, TPS focuses on regard for people and standard work patterns, and JIT focuses on driving out waste by cut downing stock list. This should be adapted in the fairest possible mode. But all the three attacks cut down waste is found in anything that does non add value ; organisations that implement these techniques are adding value expeditiously than other houses. The outlooks of these systems are that sceptered employees work with commitment direction to construct systems that respond to clients with ever-lower cost and higher quality.

“ JIT is a disciplined attack Tom bettering overall productiveness and extinguishing waste. It provides for the cost-efficient production and bringing of merely the necessary measure of parts at the right quality, at the right clip and topographic point, while utilizing a minimal sum O degree Fahrenheit installations, equipment, stuff, and humane resources.JIT is dependent on the balance between the provider ‘s flexibleness and the user ‘s flexibleness. It accomplished through the application of elements which require entire employee engagement and teamwork. A cardinal doctrine of JIT is simplification. ” ( Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers, Christine Harland, Alan Harrison, Robert Johnston, Operation Management, Second edition, Page no 548 )

The operations at ICICI Bank-Personal Loan have been conducted really efficaciously. Harmonizing to my position, acceptance of JIT layout can ensue in accomplishing higher efficiencies from the same resources. This acceptance will ensue in increased flexibleness, positive impact on employees, and most efficient usage of infinite. JIT develops the office layout in a really efficient mode. The office furniture and equipment and even the walls are movable. Equipments are by and large modular. Layout flexibleness aids the alterations that result from merchandise and procedure betterments that are inevitable with a doctrine of uninterrupted betterments. Then, JIT layouts besides let the employees to work together so they can state each other about jobs and chances for betterments. When layout provide for consecutive operations, feedback can be immediate. Reducing set up clip and cost through the proper application of JIT is an first-class manner to cut down stock list investing and to better productiveness. It is non really easy to do the application of all these techniques at the topographic point of work, but this could be one of the best ways to accomplish efficiency.

D Part

Application of Service drafting

No doubts the personal loan section of the bank is executing is operation in a really good co-ordinated affair, yet I would wish to propose that they can do usage of Service Blueprinting as a portion of their procedure analysis and design. This technique is extremely good for the merchandises with high service content. By definition it is a procedure analysis technique that focuses on the client and the supplier ‘s interaction with the client. This procedure is fragmented into assorted beds and each bed suggests different managerial issues. The service bluish print has the capacity to foreground possible failure points and at the same clip it besides tells technique how to add or better effectivity of the operations ( Heizer & A ; Render, 2008, p 210 ) .

Auditing the Quality Standards of Service

To do certain a the system established at ICICI bank personal loan is runing at expected quality degree, control of the procedure s needed. The best procedures have small fluctuation from the criterion expected. The operations directors ‘ undertaking is to construct such system and to verify frequently by review that public presentation is up to standard. Inspection should be thought of as an audit. Audited accounts do non add value to the merchandise, or the service process ( Heizer & A ; Render, 2008, p 208 ) . However, operations director, like fiscal director demand audits and they need to cognize when and where to scrutinize. There are two basic issues associating to review, when to inspect and where to inspect. The seven tools of TQM assistance in “ when and where to inspect ” determination. However review is non a replacement to robust process, it is one good known experiment conducted by an independent research house. As an operations director I will do it certain that the bank is paying more attending to operators, measuring methods, communicating methods and duties. An operation director should cultivate a work civilization where good processs, employee authorization, are better solution than seeking to happen defects by review.


No doubts the personal loan section of the bank is executing is operation in a really good co-ordinated affair, yet I would wish to propose that they can do usage of Service Blueprinting as a portion of their procedure analysis and design. This technique is extremely good for the merchandises with high service content. By definition it is a procedure analysis technique that focuses on the client and the supplier ‘s interaction with the client. This procedure is fragmented into assorted beds and each bed suggests different managerial issues. The service bluish print has the capacity to foreground possible failure points and at the same clip it besides tells technique how to add or better effectivity of the operations.

Bettering Design of Service at ICICI Bank Personal Loan

ICICI bank personal loan it takes about ten to fifteen yearss to pay out a individual file. With enhanced design of the service, this clip period can be reduced to an norm of four yearss. It is proposed to split the service into little parts and place those parts that lend themselves to automation or cut down client interaction. When a gross revenues executive performs cold naming, in order to bring forth a demand of personal loan in his client, he should hold a press release, which needs to be filled out by his client on the topographic point. In this manner the gross revenues executive will hold a sort of written consent of his client. Even if his client denies accepting the loan the gross revenues executive has the papers to reach him subsequently.

As an operations director has to place the minutes of truth and design operations that meet or exceed the clients ‘ expectations. “ Carlzon, former president of Scandinavian Airways, believes that in the service industry, there is a service of truth when the relationship between the supplier and the client is important ”

At that minute the client ‘s satisfaction with the service is defined. The minute of truth is the minute that exemplifies, enhances, or detracts the client ‘s outlooks. That minute may be every bit simple as a smiling or a check-out procedure clerk focal point on you instead than speaking over his shoulder to the clerk at the following counter.

Bettering quality at ICICI Bank Personal Loan

Pull offing quality helps construct successful schemes of distinction, low cost or response. The operations director aim is to construct a entire quality direction system that identifies and satisfies client demands.

TQM is of import because quality determinations influence each of the 10 determinations made by operations director. TQM quality direction requires a ceaseless procedure of uninterrupted betterment that covers people, equipment, providers, stuffs and processs. The footing of doctrine is that every facet of operations can be improved. The terminal end is flawlessness which is ne’er achieved but ever sought. Second, as a portion of bettering quality accent needs to be laid on planing a plan to cut down defects to assist lower costs, save clip, and better client satisfaction.

Six Sigma is a comprehensive system, a scheme a subject and set tools- for accomplishing and prolonging concern success. This scheme focuses on entire client satisfaction ( Heizer & A ; Render, 2008, p 270 ) .


Benchmarks are mark against how good they are executing. The construct of internal benchmarking is besides applicable to this organisation. Our organisation is big plenty to hold many divisions or concern units ; application of internal benchmarking is a really natural attack. Benchmarking frequently take the signifier of “ patterns benchmarking ” found in the other houses or in the other divisions. ( Robert Johnston & A ; Graham Clark, p 283 )

Facility Layout for the ICICIBANK- Personal Loan

By and large, the personal loan section of the ICICI Bank has to cover with client on day-to-day footing. There are assorted times in a twenty-four hours when the bank is full of clients. As an operations director, need to concentrate on implementing a sort of installation layout which is client friendly, and which gives adequate infinite to its employees to suit with the assorted sorts of people with different sort of questions and who has to follow with different sort of formalities as good, at the same point of clip. There is a great demand to do the topographic point really comfy for old age people every bit good, because a great per centum of the Bankss client comprise of people above 50 old ages of age. The layout should be such that it encourages client reactivity every bit good.

To plan a good service layout for my house I will see following simple elements, like ambient conditions, particular layout and functionality, marks symbols and artefacts. Ambient conditions are the background features such as lightening, sound odor and temperature. All these affect workers and clients and can impact how much is spent and how long a individual stays in the edifice. Particular layout and functionality include client circulation way planning, aisle features and merchandise grouping. Signs symbols and artefacts are the features of edifice design that carry societal significance.


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