Compare and Contrast a Life Raft, an Island, and Earth Essay

Survival is a cardinal portion of life in which worlds have been go toing to throughout our full being. As clip progresses. engineering and cognition non merely increases but besides improves. Finally. we develop to the point where our educational system has an of import and important inquiry where the pupils are asked to compare and contrast a life raft with exigency supplies in it. a reasonably sized island. and Earth itself. The three topics have a figure of similarities and differences ; nevertheless. some are evidently more of import than others.

There are rather a few similarities between a life raft. an island. and Earth. all of which are merely every bit obvious as the differences. Each of the three can transport things in them. The Earth and an island hold many different things on their land. including us worlds. A life raft can. and is meant to. keep things such as exigency supplies or people in it. More evidently. each of the three is in a solid province of affair. Besides. each of them has its ain gravitative pull or influence. Earth has its ain gravitative pull ; so of course. things that are located on Earth are influenced and affected by gravitation. Last. each of them ( can ) back up life. Earth. itself. is back uping life for a immense figure of beings and existences at this really minute. An island supports non merely a figure of workss. but besides some animate beings and other beings as good. A life raft. or life boat. is meant to assist people safely distance themselves from a larger ship or boat catastrophe. Because a life raft has exigency supplies. it will back up human life until they run out.

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Compare and Contrast a Life Raft, an Island, and Earth Essay
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With similarities. there are besides differences within the life raft. island. and Earth. While Earth and the island is an ecosystem back uping a huge and diverse figure of species and beings. a life raft is simply merely a exanimate boat. The island and Earth are besides portion of each other. while the life raft is more of an object that is used by worlds. The island is literally a portion of Earth. they are one thing. However. the life raft is non a portion of Earth ; it’s more like a Third Party Program that is used along with the chief waiter or plan. This besides leads to the fact that the life raft is semisynthetic. instead than being organic like Earth or an island. Obviously. we worlds did non make Earth. And in normal fortunes. worlds besides do non make islands.

Comparing and contrasting a life raft with exigency supplies. a reasonably sized island. and Earth is genuinely a random and uneven thing to make. However. making so would turn out that everything has at least a similarity and difference. Where there is a similarity. there is besides a difference. It could be an obvious and blatantly clear similarity or difference. or it could besides be a well and critically thought comparing. In decision. the semisynthetic life raft seems to be the centre of difference and the background character of similarities.


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