Compare and Contrast the Compromise Measures Essay

Compare and Contrast The Compromise Measures p. 1 To compare the articles that is titled William Henry Seward’s Higher Law Speech, The Clay Compromise Measures, and On the Clay Compromise. They all have one main goal that is to plead their cases to the senators. In the Clay Compromise Measures was the subject of slavery, would tear up the Union. So John Calhoun told them they need to keep the parties of the South the Whigs and the Democrats agreeing and not weaken. It doesn’t mean that the strongest party will always win. The thing that is making the Union mad with the South is that they are not treating everyone the same. The North has everything in their favor States, Government, and the Population. The South has one main thing which is the Constitution to offer. So if the North agrees consistently their honor and their safety of the Southern States. The South would restore the harmony and fraternal feelings between the sections” (p. 7) But the question still remains will the North agree to this? People say they are dumb if they don’t accept this agreement, and she doesn’t love the Union. So John Calhoun said his peace about things and thanked the senators for listening.

Then was carried out be his friends. p. 2 On the Clay Compromise is where Daniel Webster made his famous speech “Seventh March Speech” delivered in support of Clay’s compromise resolutions. He talked about how the South would help the North by the growth of cotton how much money it brings to Union. Which he asked the President that how could he walk away from either side? ” that if he agrees with one side or the other about slavery. William Henry Seward’s High Law Speech is where He was fighting on the equilibrium of the states to let Texas in the Union or not.

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The senators are saying that the Constitution is based on equality and if Texas joins the Union it will have to choose to be a free state or a slave state. So the arguments are tearing the Union apart and who has the influence over the senators. But they didn’t ask the same question for when they wanted to bring California into the Union. They wanted it to be the example state. Basically the Northern States are mad at the Southern States because they don’t treat everyone the same and the government is trying to make a compromise with both North and South.

That each needs to give a little. But both sides don’t want to give up anything. When the South shows what they have to offer which is not much but is very powerful, and the North has the population and land but not the main things it needs to run. Things start to look pretty good on both sides to compromise. Which means give a little and take a little. That is what these men were trying to get across to the government. By the looks of things the senators really took it to heart and worked things out.


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