Comparing Bill Gates And Steve Jobs Commerce Essay

William ( Bill ) H. Gates: The president and main executive officer of Microsoft Corporation, the universe ‘s prima package house. Born on Oct. 28, 1955, he grew up in Seattle with his two sisters, his male parent, William H, Gates II, is a Seattle attorney and his female parent, Mary Gates was a school instructor in University of Washington trustee and she was besides the Chair adult females of United Way International. At the age of 13, Bill Gates wrote his first plan to play farmer-chess. The computing machine he used was large, heavy and really slow, he was really haunted with this computing machine as it did non hold a screen, so to see who had won they had to run over to the large pressman and they used to look at the mark. It would hold taken merely 30secs if they have done it on paper, where as it would take about the whole tiffin clip if they had done it on computing machine.

Bill handled to put up an agreement with the computing machine proprietors, that he would acquire free computer-time which has been designed for parents. Using this is simple, with few stairss of instructions you can put up bounds for kids. At this clip Bill met Paul Allen, who became his concern spouse for remainder of his life.

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Comparing Bill Gates And Steve Jobs Commerce Essay
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They both started a little company called Traf-o-Data, they sold little computing machine equipment with their plan which can number traffic for the metropolis. Even though this company was n’t a large success but they earned some money and good concern accomplishments.

In 1973, Bill entered Harvard university as a fresher, where now he became the Microsoft ‘s main executive officer, he developed a vision of the scheduling linguistic communication BASIC for the first computing machine.

In his junior he left Harvard and in 1975, he started his new company along with his childhood friend Paul Allen, his chief belief was that the computing machine the

Figure 1: Acquiring started: A MicrosoftA co-founders Paul Allen ( left ) and Bill Gates

would be the valuable tool on every desktop and in every place, they started to began new package and he started to better those package engineering by doing it easier, cheaper and more merriment for the people to utilize computing machines. Gates foresight and his vision for personal computer science have been the success in Microsoft and the package industry.

Subsequently Bill started to seek for concern chances in scheduling, so he left Harvard which turned him into a multibillionaire. Even going really rich, he drives himself in a normal household auto to work and he besides flies a manager.

Figure 2: Microsoft Windows roadmap

Bill Gates made an operative system called MS-DOS ( Microsoft Disk Operative System ) , which he sold to IBM.

Gates so convinced IBM to give up the specifications of the secret design in an unfastened system for its personal computing machine, so that the other package shapers can easy construct this package, to understand how really this operating system maps. More than 100 companies where thirstily to be IBM-compatible, which obtained licences for MS-DOS rapidly doing runing system a major tool for personal computing machines.


One of the ground why Bill Gates is so successful is that he did non undervalue himself, he ever believed on himself. It ‘s really interesting to cognize that even with all that money, he drives himself in a normal household auto to work and he besides flies a manager. Bill Gates said to his instructor that before he reach 30 he would go a millionaire which he made it. His household when he was born, his household found a million-dollar trust fund for him. Without his fund I conjecture he would non hold gone to Harvard.


Steve Jobs: Technology Entrepreneur, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc.

Born on February 24, 1955, in San Francisco, California. As an baby, Steven was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs and named Steven Paul Jobs. Paul was a Coast Guard veteran and mechanic and Clara worked as an comptroller. Steven and his male parent used to work in their garage on electronics.

In 1972 Jobs was graduated from high school and registered in Reed college in Portland, Oregon. After six months Jobs was dropped out from the Reed and he spent one twelvemonth rolling around the campus go toing the categories in Philosophy and engaged himself with values and life styles in resistance to those of the constituted civilization.

In 1974, Jobs worked as a picture game interior decorator in Atari, Inc. , a innovator in electronic arcade diversion. He was non interested in making electronics, he was interested in marketing electronic merchandises. So he started to be after and he convinced Wozniak to work along with him to construct a personal computing machine. So foremost they planned to acquire money to get down their ain company. So Jobs sold his Volkswagen coach and Wozniak sold his scientific reckoner, overall they got ?1300 and besides got some recognition from the local providers, with this spot they started their fist production line. Steven convinced Wozniak to discontinue his occupation in Hewlett-Packard and made him to fall in him as a frailty president in charge of research and development of his new company. He named his new company as Apple in memory of happy summer in Oregon occupations, where he spent his clip as a worker.

Jobs and Wozniak have earned a batch with their revolutionized engineering, by doing the machines to cheaper, intuitive, smaller and accessible to mundane consumers.

Figure 3: Steve Jobs and Wozniak

They have conceived a series of personal computing machines which are user -friendly, which they marketed each for $ 666.66. Apple I was there first theoretical account, which earned them $ 774,000. After three old ages, Apple II was their 2nd theoretical account, which increased their gross revenues to 700 per centum to $ 139 million. Apple Computer became a publicly traded company with $ 1.2 billion of market value that excessively on the first twenty-four hours of trading. John Scully of Pepsi-Cola who is marketing expert, helped to make full the occupation function for Apple ‘s.

However, there were important design defects in several following launched Apple merchandises, which made the consumers letdown and ensuing in callbacks. John Scully thought that this might be Jobs was aching Apple and besides the executives started to phase him out.

Jobs resigned as Apple ‘s CEO in 1985 and he started a new package and hardware company called NeXT, Inc. In the same twelvemonth Jobs purchased an life company from George Lucas, which was subsequently named as Pixar Animation Studios. Jobs invested $ 50 million from his ain money by believing in Pixar ‘s hereafter. Pixar Studios started bring forthing wildli popular life movies such as Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and Toy Story. Pixar ‘s movies have netted $ 4 billion. In 2006, the studio merged with Walt Disney, doing Steve Jobs Disney ‘s largest stockholder.

Despite the success of Pixar ‘s, NeXT, Inc. struggled to sell their specialized operating system to the mainstream America.

In 1997, Apple brought the company for $ 429 1000000s. Jobs returned in the same twelvemonth as Apple CEO after several old ages outside the company. Jobs understood that Apple needed to concentrate on its nucleus competence, like planing easy-to-use and prosecuting hardware and package merchandises. He instantly revamped the merchandise line by overhauling the Mac operating system and supplying Apple computing machines with new cyberspace capablenesss.

In add-on he started to outsource fabrication operations to specialise high tech fabrication companies, chiefly located in Asia. In order to acquire near to the clients Jobs following enterprise was to establish the Apple Online shop to sell merchandises straight to clients over the Internet.

Jobs radical merchandises such as iMac, fashionable designs and effectual stigmatization runs once more caught the ideas of consumers and which attracted the people to travel for it. Recently Apple has launched some of the clever merchandises such as iPhone, Macbook Air and iPod, which have charged the development of modern engineering. All the rivals were scramble to bring forth comparable engineerings, when every clip Apple releases a new one. Apple ‘s quarterly study in 2007, were the most impressive statistics to day of the month. A record breakage stocks deserving ?199.99 a portion, and the company net income of $ 1.58 billion excess in the bank with 0 debt.

Figure 4: Apple Roadmap

iTunes has become the 2nd biggest retail merchant in America. With six billion vocals downloaded and 200 million iPods sold, Apple ‘s half of the gross comes from iTunes and iPods gross revenues. America ‘s most admired companies has been given No. 1 to Apple and besides No. 1 amongst Fortune 500 companies for returns to stockholders.


The Personal computer industry has evolved in the past decennaries. They are proprietary, unfastened construction and internet Personal computer. The interaction of Politic, Economic, Social and Technology forces create a disruptive and complex environment. In add-on, the interaction between 5 competitory forces, create environment for Apple really competitory and difficult to survive.A Apple past ignorance of environmental alteration made Apple losing market portion. Now, as environmental alteration dynamically, Apple responded by accommodating its concern theoretical account and scheme in order to fight for survive.

Comparison between Steve Jobs of Apple and Bill Gates of Microsoft:

On 24th of February 1955, Steve Jobs born in Green Bay, A Wisconsin, he is best know as the co-founder & A ; CEO of Apple Computer and slightly less so for hisA leadershipA of Pixar which is a computing machine life studio. On the other manus, on the 28th of October 1955, Bill Gates born in Seattle, Washington, he is married to Melinda French Gates and has three kids. Bill Gates is the co-founder and current Chairman and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft. Both started their callings about at the same clip and within the same industry. They are no uncertainty two of the most affluent and successful work forces in the Personal computer industry. Steve Jobs is a technological leader and true originative mind while Bill Gates is the chance seeker.A The rivalryA and competition between Gates and Jobs has become one of the most absorbing and weather in the American concern industry. In the terminal both work forces are well-known and admire by many.

Although each company has its ain doctrine, there is a little difference between Apple ‘s and Microsoft ‘s doctrines because each doctrine has a different purpose. Microsoft ‘s doctrine is “ A computerA on every disc in every house, running Microsoft package ” which is more focussed and concerned about running their ain package in every computing machine. As for Apple ‘s doctrine, it is “ Make computing machines accessible to everyone and do it really easily to utilize ” and that is more concerned about doing their computing machines being easy to entree and doing it every bit easy as they can for everyone else to utilize.

Figure 5: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the 5th D: All Things Digital conference ( D5 ) in 2007

They both co-founded and their established companies along with another individual. Apple, it was co-founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak who is credited with get down the entry of computing machines into private places and he besides wrote most of the package that Apple ran. As for Microsoft it was co-founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen who dropped out of Washington State University to prosecute his and Bill Gates dream of composing package commercially for the new personalA computing machines. However, In November 2000 Paul Allen resigned from his place on the Microsoft board.

Bill Gates first accomplishment was the development of a scheduling linguistic communication called BASIC for the Altair computing machine which is the first commercially successfulA personalA computing machine. As for Steve Jobs, his first large accomplishment was Apple II which was the most popular and best sellingA personalA computing machine of its clip. There is a difference between their first accomplishments because Microsoft foremost development was package whereas Apple ‘s first merchandise was hardware.

Both Bill Gates and Steve occupations are highly good at taking in good thoughts, and developing them and doing them into a successful merchandise. This largely because they are non at all afraid of taking any hazards and seek really hard even if they do non ever acquire it right the first clip. An illustration for this would be MS-DOS for Microsoft and an illustration for apple would be The Lisa and the Page Maker.

Bill Gates has two books written by him, these books called ‘Business At The Speed of Thought ‘ and ‘The Road Ahead ‘ . In add-on to that, he besides has books written about him like ‘Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire ‘ . On the other manus, Steve Jobs does non hold any books written by him but there were books written about him like ‘The Second Coming of Steve Jobs ‘ and ‘Steve Jobs and The NeXT Big Thing ‘ .

No affair how much struggle orA competition, both Bill Gates and Steve occupations achieved a immense sum of success in their ain manner. They had similarities between them such as co-founding their companies along with another individual, Steve Jobs co-founded Apple with Steve Wozniak and Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. They were besides similar at taking in thought and developing them without being afraid of confronting any hazards. Aside from these similarities, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs besides had some differences between them, these differences include the fact that both of their companies Microsoft and Apple have their ain different and alone doctrine with different purpose. Besides their first accomplishments differ because Microsoft ‘s first accomplishment BASIC was package whereas Apple ‘s first accomplishment Apple II was hardware. Bill Gate besides had 2 books written by him in add-on to books written about him but Steve Jobs did n’t hold the accomplishments to compose any books, there were merely books written about him by other people.


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