Comparing Non-Fiction Essay

Fiction and Nonfiction books are the two most genres that people enjoy reading. Fiction are books that an author has made up, meaning they are not true. Fiction writers have a tendency to tell a story through a character. In their story they have a usage of past tense, as to stories seems to happen now. Most of the fiction books have a great source of imagination. For instance, they have animal’s talk, magic, illusion. Also fiction books are often based upon opinions and nonrealistic. Frey tags Triangle is the structure of a dramatic work such as play or film. Frey tag triangle has concluded that drama is divided in to five parts.

Being exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. These five parts are the main keys of how a story is narrative down. Exposition provides the background information that’s needed to properly understand the story. Rising climax is the basic internal conflict is complicated by the introduction. The climax is more of the turning point which indicates if the situation is for the better or the worse. Falling action is how the conflict is being resolute. The resolution is the end of the story. Gustav Freytag the German novelist represented this five part Aristotleian concept in a form of a pyramid.

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Comparing Non-Fiction Essay
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The usefulness of the Freytag’s Pyramid is a concept that it is use in Jose Armas story “A Delicate Balance. ” Armas introduces us with Romero as being the main characters and gives us a view on his daily life. Romero everyday routine was going up and down sweeping the sidewalks for everyone. It was his great deal of pride and kindness that he volunteer and enjoy sweeping. Through the story the author explains that Seferino being Barelas oldest son decided one day to start paying Romero fifty cents for every time he would sweep the sidewalks.

Seferino had felt sympathy for Romero. Furthermore, one is introduce to the climax when Romero asked Seferino for a raise after a week. Moreover, it becomes more of an issue because after Romero starts making a profit he started ignoring his work and stops showing up to work. After Romero raised was denied he decided to quit. The next day Romero was seen again sweeping the sidewalks all the way till Barcela’s shop. Which in this time instead of sweeping Barcela workplace he would push the trash in front of their sidewalk.

This had gone for a long time until Seferino had taken off to college and stop helping his father in the shop. It was then when Romero had continued sweeping all the sidewalks including Barcela’s shop. Non-fiction is mainly the opposite of fiction. Non-fiction stories are written as an account of the subject treated as a fact by the author. Mainly the stories are about people that been in real events, places, or as some cases. The importance in non-fictional writing is the presentation of facts and information within the writers perspective.


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