Comparing Roman and Greek Art Essay

There are several comparisons of similar and different architecture between the Greek and Roman. One reason of this is because the Romans chose to build architecture from examples of the Greek style. An example of this is how the Romans decided to use columns that the Greeks actually previously created but the difference in it is that the Romans added an arch and also a dome. The Romans also design their theaters similar as that of the Greeks except the Romans used the amphitheater for sporting events.

When the Romans created architecture they built on a bigger style than that of the Greeks. A great illustration of this is found in the architecture style of the Colleseum that is located in Rome. Another great example of the comparison of the Romans and Greek architecture is found in the Parthenon and the Colleseum. The designs of the stone on both of these buildings are very unique and the colors of these stones are light which makes for such an amazing style on these buildings.

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Comparing Roman and Greek Art Essay
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Each of these buildings are an example of the two most amazing cultures in this worlds history which are the Roman and Greek cultures. The difference in the architecture is that the Colleseum was built for everybody and the Parthenon was made for only a select number of people. The Parthenon has more of a natural style design and the Colleseum is a much more reserved style. Each of these buildings have some similarities but each have a totally different reason and purposes and that makes up the difference between the ancient Greek and Roman architectural creations.


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