Comparing the British and U.S. Education System Essay

Introduction: Education Is reputedly the hallowed halls of Intellectual development that produce the leaders of the world emerge to set the world ablaze with the fruits tot intellectualism However, the produce all vary in flavors according to the nature of the curriculum prescribed. Thesis statement: A major source of the deference between the US and British educational system can be ascribed to the different curriculum formats imposed by the governments.

In the US, the government imposed the No Child left behind act, which allowed each state the redeem to create their own curriculum under certain limited federal regulation. In Britain, the government has created one national standardized curriculum for all public schools. 2. Body Paragraph 2 Topic sentence: In the USA. The curriculum is not nationally standardized. Although the No Child Left Behind act regulates educational practices by setting standards and enforcing accountability, the curriculum is determined by a local government, either on a state level or by school districts (Slaving, 2006). Ender the act, schools are required to give annual tests in reading and math In grades 3-8, and once in the readers 10-12. (United State Department of Education, [USED], n. D. ). According to slaving (2006), of schools student population must take these standardized tests, regardless if English is their second language or if they have disabilities. The results of these tests are used to assess whether students at each school are making adequate yearly progress. If not the school faces serious sanctions and after five years of missing the federally mandated goals can even be shut down.

Adequate yearly progress refers to the legislature’s desire idea to have all students proficient in these three subjects by the year 2014. In America children do five year of elementary school followed by three years of middle school and four years of high school. The compulsory schooling tort a child is 12 years, which means that a child would complete school at age 16 in most states. However, some states require students to attend school until they are 17 and 18. All children in the U. S.

A have access to free public schooling Also, in IIS universities have a freedom of choice with their workload. The academic year is divided into two semesters with each lasting four months; this makes It possible for the student to choose more or less classes pending on the necessity. The universities In the US are very expensive and it Is very difficult to get help from the government. The ratio Is roughly ten to one. As times passes by the American fees are growing more and more. No teaching techniques are nationally enforced in America.

Although, the No Child Left behind act does emphasis certain educational programs, such as Reading is First. Which have been proven effective by providing funds to cocoons Tanat Tallow teen ten system allows Tort tremendous variation In the quality and overall level of education provided from state to state. Paragraph 3 The British educational system, on the other hand, is highly standardized on a national level. The British government has set a national curriculum, which clearly defines different stages and core subjects for children ages 5 to 16 (The Education System in England, n. . ). It specifies the various subjects to be taught at different stages, the expected knowledge, skills, and understanding level for the various subjects, and how the children’s progress should be tested (The Education System in England, n. D. ). In British, the children do six years of primary school grades (1-6) allowed by seven years of secondary after which they sit a exam known as GEESE. At this point they can either further their study or seek a Job. The compulsory schooling for a child is 13 years, which means that a child leaves school at 18.

There’s a lot of schools that are owned by churches which one as to be a member for your child to attend, all though there are few public school. Not all children have access to free public school. The National Curriculum consists of 11 subjects, including; English, design and technology, geography, math, information technology, music, science art, hysterical education, history and modern foreign language. The National Curriculum is split up into four stages, referred to as Key Stages, and are based on the student’s age The key stage of a child reflects what subjects will be studied and the method by which they will be taught.

Key Stage 1 includes children ages 5-8, Key Stage 2 consists of children 8-11, Key Stage 3 is made up of children ages 11-14, and Key Stage 4 is composed of children 14-16. At the end of each Key Stage, students are required to take a standardized test, known as the SAT, associated with that particular stage. The achievement level obtained on each test is then reported to the parents and the public in two ways: the student’s actual test grade and the teacher’s individual assessment of each student (The Education System in England, n. D. ). This helps reduce the risks of high stake standardized tests.

If an extremely bright student does not achieve the expected results, the teacher can still communicate that the student is bright and learning the information to a high degree, he Just might be a bad test taker or having an off day. In the British system there is not much freedom f choice with the (workload it is said to be heavy and long classes that a student must take over a whole academic year. The academic year is divided into three terms with the Christmas term the longest (September to December), the Easter term Unary to March) and the summer term (April to June).

In British institutions offer an opportunity to economically disadvantage students with grants or interest free loans. Conclusion: General standard in any good school in either the UK or US will not vary largely. The I-J primary and early years system has proven to be highly successful in nurturing nouns minds, but aspects of the US middle school system has also being developed strongly. Both systems feature a strong emphasis on CIT skills, but the ask. System is perhaps a little more outward looking. The key differences will always be one of approach.

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