Comparison between American and Iranian educational system Essay

In some counties, like Iran, one of the problems Is that most of the immigrants prefer to live In the USA because of the educational system. In Iran, principals of the schools do not pay much attention to the way lessons are thought to the students; however, one of the places that care most about the educational system Is the USA. In the united States, all students have the same opportunity of gaining their goals. By knowing the differences between the educational system between the USA and Iran, principals can develop the educational system better than before.

Consequently, by having a better educational system, student’s knowledge will be improved. The educational structure in Iran differs from the USA in hardness of materials in high schools, opportunity for studying, atmosphere and facilities. The first difference between the educational system of Iran and the USA is that In Iran science materials In the high schools Include university courses of the USA. Therefore, there are a lot for students to cover In high schools, and the courses are also too hard. So students In Iran study more prior to the university than their peers n the USA.

Moreover, there Is a university entrance exam In Iran that takes place each year in the summer, which includes all material of four years of high school. If students pass this test, they can attend to the university; otherwise, they should study one more year to retake the exam. Likewise, TATS is one of tests that all students should take, which takes place in some states in America; however, failing in any parts of these exams does not prevent students from entering universities in the year that they have planned to..

Additionally, in America, study materials in high schools cannot be compared to those of universities. Because from high school to university the courses become hard suddenly compared to the easy ones in the high schools. As a result, If students migrate from Iran to the LISA, they will find most of the university courses easy because of having a strong educational back ground from their countries. In addition to complication of materials, another educational system variation between Iran and united States is the opportunity for people in all conditions to duty.

Most of students who have defects are ashamed of studying next to the other students in Iran. Besides, in Iran if disabled students decide to continue studying in the universities, there are no efficient facilities as well as capable teachers for them. On the other hand, in the USA, schools pay equal attention to all normal and disabled students. For instance, the USA universities have specified computers, scanners, and testing centers for disabled students. They are also some people who can become their private tutors In case of demands.

Furthermore, many people as well as the ones who are above thirty years old study In the American universities, but In Iran classroom colleagues have all same ages. Besides nearness AT materials Ana study controls, another contrast Is atmosphere of the classes in Iran and the USA. In Iran, students can neither eat nor speak with each other in the class hours because it distracts others concentrations from teacher’s speech. On the other hand, in the United States, students can eat whenever they feel hungry in the class, which makes an informal atmosphere.

They can also sit anyway that makes them more comfortable including a sleeping position. Then again, in the formal atmosphere of the classes in Iran, students have to have the instructor’s permission to get out of the class. In addition, the benefit of a formal atmosphere in class is that by paying more attention to their teacher, students can learn better. While not concentrating fully on to the teacher’s speech, has a negative effect on the educational level. Furthermore, the last important difference between educational system in Iran and the USA is having several kinds of facilities in their schools.

Iran is one of the countries that dose not have too many facilities for the students. Therefore, if students did not read the chapter that their teacher want to teach before the class, they may confront difficulty in understanding it. Nevertheless, in spite of having less facility in the schools in Iran, students improve their learning level by registering in private or semiprivate classes. On the other hand, students in the USA have all kind of facilities in their schools, which are free for them. In the United States, student can access to various types of learning methods easily.

As an example, by reading different books, having tutors, and watching films about that specific subject in their schools, they can improve their learning level. In summary, Educational system in Iran differs from the USA in hardness of material in high schools, condition of studying, atmosphere and tools of studying. Students can combine the positive methods of both Iran and the USA for improving their educational system. Additionally, having a break in the middle of a formal atmospheric class is an alternative way of recapturing students’ attention when they feeling tired distracts their attention.

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